Stolen Pet Parrot Reunites With Owner After Shouting Out Its Name To Cops


A remarkable reunion has taken place in France, as a stolen parrot has been returned to its owner after three long years. The parrot's clever tactic of shouting out its own name to the police played a crucial role in this heartwarming event.

Last week, a vendor attempted to sell the West African grey parrot near the Old Port of Marseilles. However, this species is protected, and the sale of these birds is strictly prohibited, as reported by the Times of London.

West African grey parrot

When authorities seized the talkative parrot, it immediately started squawking, repeatedly uttering the name "Jako, Jako, Jako." In France, "Jako" is a traditional name for parrots, similar to the commonly known name "Polly." Intriguingly, one of the officers recalled a fellow colleague who had lost a parrot named Jako back in 2020. This officer had mentioned to his comrades that the bird would respond by saying its own name if it were ever found, as stated in the report.

Finally, after a considerable wait, the officer was joyfully reunited with Jako at an animal shelter. The bird's identity was promptly confirmed, as reported by the outlet La Provence. According to the report, "The bird shouted its name as soon as it saw its owner," illustrating the undeniable bond between the parrot and its human companion.

It is worth noting that West African grey parrots hold a significant value of approximately $2,000, making them a prime target for illegal trade. Consequently, they are frequently stolen for this illicit purpose.

Grey parrots, scientifically known as Psittacus erithacus, stand out as the unrivaled champions in the realm of avian intellect. Renowned for their exceptional cognitive abilities and remarkable mimicry skills, they effortlessly claim the throne as the smartest of all parrot species. These highly intelligent birds possess prodigious problem-solving capabilities, displaying advanced communication skills through an extensive vocabulary and a keen grasp of human language.

Their capacity to comprehend nuanced concepts such as shape recognition and numerical cognition is unparalleled among their counterparts. Additionally, their propensity for social interaction and emotional intelligence further contributes to their elevated position on this list. As astute observers and quick learners, grey parrots prove themselves to be exemplary companions with unparalleled adaptability, making them ideal candidates for scientific research and pet ownership alike.



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