Pet Parrot Chases Off Home Intruders With Frightening Squawks

Who needs a guard dog to scare away home invaders, when you have a pet parrot as overprotective as Versace? Animals are extremely intelligent than we give them credit for. A pet parrot is being hailed as a hero in Australia after scaring off potential thieves with frightening shrieks on New Year’s Eve, according to a report.

A Parrot Squawking

The two-year-old pet parrot named Versace was left at home alone by her owners who went for the night to ring in the New Year in Melbourne, Australia. However, it was a good thing the homeowners left Versace at home because the parrot prevented an attempted robbery from taking place at their home.

While the homeowners were out having fun, a group of home intruders tried to break into their home but their beloved pet parrot Versace sounded the alarm! In a video of the incident shared by Abc7, the clever macaw can be heard screeching continuously after seemingly recognizing that something was wrong. The footage, which was captured by the home’s security camera, shows Versace in her cage as she refuses to stay quiet. The parrot can be heard letting out loud, terrifying shrieks, which sound like an elephant trumpeting.

As a result, the would-be thieves, who clearly had no idea what was making the noises, decided to abandon their operation. Needless to say, anyone would be afraid after hearing that too. Thanks to Versace, the would-be thieves could not steal anything before freeing the home.

Watch the footage below:

Versace's owners, the Kavanaughs, plan to shower their beloved pet parrot with treats for her protection.

The Kavanaugh Family and their pet parrot

A similar incident occurred in 2017 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States, where a pet parrot named Charlie saved its owner from an attempted robbery. According to Fox News, Charlie's owner let a group of men pretending to be neighbors in trouble into his home. After entering the house, the men reportedly hit Charlie's owner and demanded drugs.

However, Charlie defended his owner by squawking and using his beak to remove "a chunk of skin" from one of the suspect's arms. The robbers reportedly fled after the bite.

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