Florida Alligator with Missing Upper Jaw Receives Fitting Name Inspired by Hit Song

A Florida alligator that gained widespread attention for its missing upper jaw has been given a fitting name inspired by a country song. The creature has been named "Jawlene," after the famous Dolly Parton song "Jolene," following a public call on social media.

A gator

Discovered late last month in Seminole County, the alligator was taken in by Gatorland, a renowned theme park and wildlife preserve in Orlando. Seeking assistance from the online community, the park asked for suggestions to name the reptile, a 3-to-4-year-old female weighing approximately 18 pounds.

In a Facebook video posted by Gatorland, CEO Mark McHugh explained the reasoning behind choosing the name based on the popular tune, which is featured on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. McHugh expressed his admiration for both the little gator and the iconic American treasure, Dolly Parton.

The cause of the alligator's jaw injury remains uncertain, as park employees are unsure of the exact circumstances. Mike Hileman, a director at Gatorland, speculated that it could have been caused by another alligator or even a boat propeller due to the clean nature of the injury. However, the wound has healed, and the alligator has been able to eat normally.

Jawlene the gator

This is not the first alligator with such an injury that Gatorland has taken in. Hileman mentioned that they have successfully cared for several others with similar injuries, allowing them to grow and thrive. He sees no reason why this particular alligator cannot follow the same path.

The alligator gained viral attention after its photos circulated on social media. However, Hileman assures that for now, she remains "very humble." He jokingly expressed his hope that the newfound fame does not turn her into a diva, emphasizing that she is currently grounded and down-to-earth.


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