Woman Sparks Online Debate After 'Prioritizing' Pet Parrot Over Stepdaughter's Wedding

A woman's decision to rather stay at home to take care of her pet parrot than help her stepdaughter plan for her wedding has sparked a fierce debate online. For many women with their big day on the horizon, having a parent or guardian on hand to assist them in making wedding preparations is incredibly important. Like a lot of women, the stepdaughter needs a mom to help guide her through the process.

A woman kissing her pet parrot
A woman kissing her pet parrot (stock photo)

However, one stepmom has left her stepdaughter devastated after telling her that she would rather stay at home with her pet parrot than come and stay with her for a week to help with wedding planning and "bond" with her and her two-year-old child.

The stepmother explained that she adopted the wonderful bird three years ago. Ever since then, the self-proclaimed 'crazy bird lady' says she hasn't taken any trips or stayed overnight away from the bird, as it would "be too disruptive" for it. Because of this, the stepmother felt she had to say 'No' when her stepdaughter, who is getting married in March 2023, asked her to come and visit. For the stepmother, a week is too long to be separated from her macaw, which she says has a lot of emotional issues due to an abusive former owner. She says she deeply loves her intelligent bird, which is distrustful of everyone and very reliant on her routine and that she is happy to make sacrifices for the animal.

Below is a screenshot of the stepmother's story:

The stepmother says her stepdaughter acted very hurt and accused her of being "cold and emotionless" when she explained that her pet parrot is the reason why she said no. In addition, the stepdaughter said she never got a mother figure and her stepmother never accepted her as her full-blood daughter and prioritized a 'silly animal' over her. On the other hand, the stepmother says she feels very hurt because her husband agrees with his daughter, "even though he's refusing to take sides."

The stepmother says she and her stepdaughter don't 'usually talk at all' and she hasn't visited home in four years. According to the stepmother, her stepdaughter rejected her in the past, saying she didn't want to accept someone as a stand-in, "fake" replacement for her biological mother.

Commenters on the stepmother's post were split. While many people agree with the stepmother's decision, others felt she should make more of an effort to visit her stepdaughter.

After being motivated by many commenters on her post, the stepmom says she called her stepdaughter and told her she is still willing to help her in any way she can to plan the wedding via zoom.

The stepmother says her stepdaughter now wants to have a close relationship with her after the wedding, despite knowing that she is a 'crazy bird lady.' Below are some of the comments on the stepmom's reddit post:


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