Here Are The Good Subreddits For Pet Owners

One of the ideal places on the internet to share and seek advice is Reddit. The platform gives millions of users the opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn new things. As the tenth most popular social network in the US, Reddit has more than 50 million daily active users worldwide, which makes it a great place to share photos and talk about your interests.

Subreddits For Pet Owners

So if you’re a pet owner looking to meet and learn from some fellow pet lovers, Reddit might be the best place for you.

However, Reddit is home to more than 100 thousand small communities known as subreddits. This makes finding the right subreddit a bit overwhelming. To make the job a little easier for you, I have compiled a list of some of the best subreddits for pet owners!

General Subreddits for Pet Owners

Whether you’re a cat enthusiast or a bird lover, the following subreddits may have just what you’re looking for.

r/Aww: A place for really cute pictures and videos of animals.

r/Pets: A place to seek advice from other pet owners.

r/PetsareAmazing: A place for pet owners to share anything amazing about their pets.

r/AskVet: A place for pet owners to ask veterinary-related questions.

r/CatsWithDogs: If you own a cat and a dog, then this subreddit is for you.

r/AnimalsBeingGeniuses: A place to post videos of your genius pet.

r/AnimalsBeingBros: A place for pet owners to post videos, gifs, and photos of their animals being bros.

r/AnimalsBeingJerks: A place for pet owners to share videos, gifs, and pictures of their animals being jerks.

r/FunnyAnimals: A wholesome place for funny animal videos and photos.

Subreddits for Dog Owners

Adorable puppies
Via Reddit

The following popular subreddits are dedicated to dog owners alone. As such, these are the ideal places to meet fellow dog enthusiasts who are as crazy about their pets as you.

r/dogs: Whether you are a new or experienced dog owner, the r/dogs subreddit is your place to discuss all topics related to dogs. The community is a great source of information for new dog owners. However, before putting any advice you read on the subreddit into practice, you should always verify and expand upon it.

r/dogpictures: A great place for dog owners to post adorable photos of their best friends.

r/DOG: A place for dog pictures and videos.

r/germanshepherds: A place to share German Shepherd photos, training tips, videos, questions, and concerns.

r/goldenretrievers: A great place for Golden Retriever owners.

r/labrador: A subreddit for Labrador Retriever owners.

r/puppy101: Puppy 101 is a subreddit dedicated to providing training, support, and advice for puppy owners.

r/DogsAndPlants: Here, you can post pictures of all your pooches with plants.

r/dogswithjobs: This community is dedicated to real working dogs.

Subreddits for Cat Owners

Best-looking cats
Via Reddit

Cats are the kings of the internet, where some of the most consumed content are made up of pictures, memes, and videos of cats. If you are a cat owner, you can connect with other cat lovers in these cat-related subreddits.

r/cats: In this community, you will find photos, videos, questions, and articles about cats.

r/cat: A place for adorable cat photos and videos.

r/Catswithjobs: A subreddit dedicated to cats working hard and hardly working.

r/CatAdvice: A great place to meet other cat owners and ask for advice such as cat behavioral issues. However, asking for medical advice is not allowed in this community.

r/CatTraining: A place to learn about cat behavior, tricks, and training.

r/torties: A community for Tortoiseshell Cat owners

r/mainecoons: A community for Maine Coon Cat owners.

r/ragdolls: A community for Ragdoll Cat owners.

r/CatsStandingUp: A beautiful place to see and share pictures and videos of cats standing up.

r/MEOW_IRL: A place for posting pictures of funny, relatable cats.

r/CatsBeingCats: A place for posting videos and photos of cats doing what cats do (Cats being cats).

r/catsbeingbanks: A subreddit for funny pictures and videos of cats guarding money, cats being banks.

r/Catloaf: If you are a cat owner, you must have witnessed your feline lounging in the adorable “cat loaf” position at least once. That's what this subreddit is all about.

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Subreddits for other pets owners

r/parrots: A subreddit for pet parrot owners.

r/ferrets: A subreddit for pet ferret owners to discuss all things ferret related.

r/hamsters: A community dedicated to pet hamsters and their humans.

r/guineapigs: This community encourages the proper techniques in handling, treating and raising guinea pigs.

r/RATS: A community dedicated to pet rat owners.

r/bettafish: A community for all things related to Betta Fish.

Bonus! Online Discussion Boards for pet owners

As a pet lover, you would also like to join online discussions and message boards dedicated to pet lovers. Some of the popular pet forums on the internet include:


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