Top 9 Most Popular Maine Coon Cats On The Internet


Despite their wild looks, Maine Coon cats are one of the cutest and most popular cat breeds among cat lovers in the United States and around the world. Some of the top largest Maine Coon cats ever in the United States include Stewie, Cygnus, and Samson. These fluffy gentle giants have made it to the Guinness World Record list. Interestingly, there are many Maine Coon cats who are famous on the internet but haven't yet held any records. If you wish to own a large cat inside your home, check out these nine most popular Maine Coon cats with the highest following on Instagram.

1. Samson

Samson the Maine Coon

With more than 200k followers on Instagram, Samson the Maine Coon cat has been a great phenomenon among the Instagram community until he tragically died at the age of 10 at a veterinary hospital in the United States. He was weighing 28 pounds and was four feet long at the time of his death. Samson, who was adored by many fans on Instagram, was loving and intelligent, according to his parent, Jonathan Zurbe.

2. Richie du Mont d’Even

Richie du Mont d’Even

Richie, the black smoke Maine coon cat became popular on the internet not long after his owner began to share adorable photos of the gentle giant on Instagram. Born in November 2020, the charming feline is known for his adorably silly look and wild hair-dos. Richie is described as a curious and friendly cat who enjoys playing with other cats and loves following his owner around the house. Furthermore, His mother nicknamed him the "sous-chef" saying Richie always sits next to her to observe her every move when she is cooking. As of November 2022, Richie has 195K followers on Instagram.

3. Omar the Maine Coon cat

Omar the Maine Coon cat

Omar, the orange tabby Maine Coon cat from Melbourne, Australia, is probably the longest domestic cat in the world. He is currently being evaluated by the Guinness World Records. However,  the cat's owner asserted that he measures four feet and 11 inches. According to AZ-Animals, Omar feasts on kangaroo meat, which might contribute to his size. Even though he hasn't been recognized officially by Guinness World Records yet, Omar enjoys an Instagram account of over 150k followers, which is worthy of world recognition.

4. Kefir the white Maine Coon cat

Kefir the white Maine Coon cat

When standing, Kefir the white Maine Coon looks like a small child and his parent said the large cat is not done growing yet. In late 2021, Kefir went viral on the internet after his owner started sharing cute photos of him on Instagram. Weighing a whopping 26.5 pounds, Kefir is 2 years old and will continue growing until he hits three years old, according to Yulia Minina, Kefir's owner. The adorable gentle giant has amassed more than 63 thousand Instagram followers.

5. Hugo and Nemo

Hugo and Nemo

Living their daily lives as cat royalty, Maine Coon cats Hugo and Nemo are two furry friends who are warming hearts on the internet. Known as 'Catfluencers' on social media, these adorable cats will definitely catch your attention in no time. Both cats look handsomely similar. However, Hugo looks more brownish-black, while Nemo, on the other hand, has a light grey coat. Moreover, these charming cats have more than 44k Instagram followers.

6. Bruno the Maine Coon

Bruno the Maine Coon

Number sixth on the list is Bruno, one of the most popular Maine coon cats on the internet. Based on his social media following (over 30 thousand fans on Instagram), Bruno is certainly a contender. In his fun adventures, Bruno continues to wow his fans with his sweet persona and fluffy physique, which make him lovable.

7. Roger: The handsome Maine Coon Cat

Roger: The handsome Maine Coon Cat

Next on the list is handsome Roger, probably the coolest and most handsome cat in the world. His stunning look and ash color are what draw so many fans to his social media page. New and adorable selfies are posted on his Instagram page almost daily.

8. Sebastian

Sebastian the Maine coon cat

Sebastian is a handsome Maine Coon cat living with his owner in Trondheim, Norway. Sometimes, he loves taking photo wearing giant bows and black sunglasses. Overall, this popular orange gentle giant looks sweet and has a loveable attitude, based on his Instagram page, which has almost 20k followers. According to Sebastian's owner, the large cat is suffering from a medical condition called hip dysplasia, for which there is no cure. However, to stop the condition from getting worse, Sebastian is now on pain meds.

9. Luna and Louie

Luna and Louie: Maine coon cats

Best friends Luna and Louie always love to play together with their father around the house and provide their fans on Instagram with adorable and funny photos. Interestingly, Luna and her bestie are trained to use the toilet.

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