10 Adorable Photos Of Albino Cats

Albinism in cats is a rare genetic condition distinguished by a lack of pigment resulting in cats with a white coat and blue eyes. However, there is a difference between a white cat and an albino cat. In other words, a white cat is not an albino. Albinism in cats is extremely rare. According to SPCA Los Angeles, true albino cats only make up about two percent of the cat population. In addition to being highly unusual, albino cats require extra care.

How Can You Tell if Your Cat is Albino?

Like albino dogs, albino cats are born with a lack of pigmentation. A true albino cat has both parents carrying the genetic marker for albinism. Without a genetic test, you can tell if your cat is albino by observing his or her eyes and skin color, and fur. Considering the rarity, true albino cats have pale pink skin, white fur, and pinkish-red or light blue eyes. Albino cats' skin color is not actually pink, but rather light-reflecting blood flow. The same goes for their eyes, due to the lack of melanin, the pigment that colors skin, hair and eyes.

The number one difference between an albino cat and a white cat can be found in the eyes. Because of their total lack of pigmentation, true albino cats' eyes are limited to a very pale blue or may appear pinkish or pinkish-blue. White cats, on the other hand, tend to possess different eye colors, including heterochromia eyes. A cat is said to have heterochromia eyes when, for instance, one eye is blue and the other a different color. Take the below picture as an example of white cats with heterochromia eyes.

2 white cats with heterochromia eyes

Albinism is not restricted to particular cat breeds. However, partial albinism often occurs in cat breeds such as the Siamese, Burmese, and Tonkinese, each of which gain their pointed coloration from a partial albino genetic heritage.

Health Issues in Albino Cats

Like albino dogs, albino cats are photosensitive, which means they have immune system reactions that can be triggered by sunlight. This is due to their lack of melanin, which protects the skin from sun radiation. As a result, they are more sensitive to sunlight and prone to sunburn and developing skin cancer. In addition, the lack of melanin can result in albino cats suffering eye damage from sunlight, which can lead to blindness. If you are an albino cat owner, you need to carefully monitor your feline's activities under direct sun.

Adorable Photos of Albino Cats

1. Safi the Albino Cat

Safi the Albino Cat
Photo: @safiblancothealbino/Instagram

2. Hanibal the Deaf Albino Cat

Hanibal the Deaf Albino Cat

Though no evidence shows that albino cats are more prone to deafness or hearing disabilities than other cats. Just like in any other cats, deafness also occurs in some albino cats. This is the case for Hanibal, the deaf albino cat.

3. KALI the Albino Cat

KALI the Albino Cat
Photo: @albino_kitty_cat/Instagram

4. Minha Dona the Albino Cat

Minha Dona the Albino Cat
Photo: @albino_cat7/Instagram

5. Artur the Albino Cat

Artur the Albino Cat
Photo: @artur_meow_/Instagram

6. Moscato the Albino Cat

Moscato the Albino Cat
Photo: @mothealbinocat/Instagram

7. Kasper the Albino Cat

Kasper the Albino Cat
Photo: @kasper_albino_cat/Instagram

8. LIDAM the Albino Cat

LIDAM the Albino Cat
Photo: @cat_sweet_albino/Instagram

9. Nimbus the Albino Cat

A Sleeping Albino Cat

10. Bon-Bon the Albino Cat

Bon-Bon the Albino Cat
Photo: @kittykitty_bonbon/Instagram


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