11 Funny Photos of Cats Acting Like They've Just Seen A Ghost

As pet owners, it is common for us to be curious about whether our furry friends can see ghosts. One of the many myths about cats is that they can see ghosts or spirits. This is due to the way they act sometimes. For example, your cat may suddenly start hissing at nothing or stop playing to stare at nothing. However, when you look around, you see nothing that explains your feline's sudden behavior. As a result, you just assume the animal has seen a spirit. Over the years, cat owners, have shared photos of their beloved felines acting as if they had just seen a ghost and here are the most hilarious ones.

#1. This Cat Just Spotted an Army of Ghost Coming Towards Its House

This Cat Just Spotted an Army of Ghost Coming Towards Its House

#2. The ghost can't see me if i close my eyes

A cat covering its eyes

#3. Not again!

Cat gif

#4. The ghost tried to PET me

Cat gif

#5. I swear, something touched me!

Cat Gif

#6. They are here

A cat hiding under a blanket

#7. They're everywhere!

Cat gif

#8. I'm going to scare them away

A zombie Cat
Via Instagram

#9. I can sense their presence

A cat standing on its hind legs

#10. What is this!

A cat staring at the window

#11. I have seen enough!

A cute cat
Via Instagram


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