California Man Sets Up Camera Under Deck And Discovers Why His Dogs Were So Worried


A California man set up a hidden camera under his back deck to find out why his dogs suddenly started behaving as though they saw something scary. It all began when Dave Fleishman, of El Dorado County, California, noticed his pups sniffing under his back deck. Fleishman was confused because the dogs have been under the deck multiple times without any worry, so why the sudden strange behavior?

To find out, Fleishman set up a camera under the deck and couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked the footage in the morning. He discovered that a huge bear was bumbling around right under his house.

A wild bear

Although Fleishman, who is a wildlife photographer, had seen bears in his neighborhood multiple times, this was his first time to see one so close to his home. Besides, the part of South Lake Tahoe city where Fleishman lives is deemed a “bear highway,” meaning bears are everywhere.

The wildlife photographer told The Dodo that bears literally wander around all day long. However, the bear wasn't the only unexpected guest beneath Fleishman's deck. He surprisingly spotted a Bobcat as he continued to go through the footage. Fleishman told The Dodo that Bobcats are pretty rare in the area where he lives and that he's never seen one with his own two eyes before. To him, it was pretty fantastic to see one under his deck.

A bobcat

The Bobcat, whose scientific name is Lynx Rufus, is a crepuscular animal, meaning it's most active just before sunrise and just after sunset. As a result, they are extremely hard to spot at any other point in the day.

A USA Bobcat
A Bobcat

The conservation photographer, who loves documenting nature on Instagram, is excited to have captured such amazing wildlife on camera. Nevertheless, he’d be more excited if these wild uninvited guests could hang out a bit further away from his house.

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