Ohio Woman Wakes up to Discover a Tiny Surprise Her Foster Dog Left Her


An Ohio woman was recently surprised by the rescue dog she is fostering. According to a report, Kaitlin Devoto, of Cincinnati, Ohio, knew virtually nothing about the pup she had agreed to foster. All she knew was that the dog was rescued from a puppy mill.

Kaitlin Devoto and her lap dog
Image credit: The Dodo

In an interview with The Dodo, Kaitlin said she didn’t know the dog's gender or age before agreeing to foster the animal. The first time she knew the dog's gender was when she found herself face-to-face with the animal at the pickup center in Cincinnati. It is a beautiful female standard red poodle. Kaitlin noticed that the poodle was producing a little bit of milk and, however, assumed it was because of a recent litter. She told The Dodo that it is typical to receive a puppy mill female dog who’s still lactating. Puppy mill "Mommas" are no longer useful when their puppies are weaned, Kaitlin said.

Moreover, the dog was also emaciated. Kaitlin compassionately scooped the frightened but relieved poodle into her arms and brought her home with the plan of treating her with nutritious meals and lots of love. However, on the fourth day after bringing the adorable dog home, Kaitlin woke up to a shocking discovery: The dog was warming up a tiny poodle puppy in her bed. Kaitlin quickly checked and discovered that the dog delivered the puppy overnight. Kaitlin was even more surprised after learning that it was just one puppy when she checked the poodle’s belly for more puppies.

A poodle and her puppy in Ohio

A poodle puppy in Ohio

Kaitlin swiftly dived into action to make the dog and her puppy more comfortable. She put the pair of poodles in an enclosed crate with warm blankets so they can have a quiet place to sleep and nurse. Kaitlin subsequently noticed that the puppy was a male and he resembled a chicken nugget. As a result, she named him Chicky Nug and later came up with the name Mickey D for the puppy's mother.

A poodle and her puppy in Ohio

As of now, Mickey and her son Chicky are still in Kaitlin’s care and will be going to their forever homes soon. According to Kaitlin, Mickey is very playful and loves being around her family. Once Chicky turns two months old, he will meet his adoptive family. His mother, on the other hand, will be available for adoption through Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue in February, according to The Dodo.

A poodle sitting in Ohio
Mickey the Poodle

Kaitlin said she will be sad to see Mickey and her son go, but will always cherish the moments she had with them, even though their time together might’ve been short. Mickey's story is similar to a New York City rescue dog who got ‘Congressional’ support. The only difference, however, is that the NYC dog is a male.


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