35 Funny Photos Of Cats Sitting Like Humans


It is no secret that cats are evolving at an alarming rate. A recent video shows a cat standing up on its feet just like a human to drink water from a water dispenser. While some cats like to stand up like a human, others love to sit as humans do. The cats on this list really are up to something as they sit just like humans.


Taylor Swift's cat Olivia Benson

The cat in the above picture is Olivia Benson, singer Taylor Swift's cat. Swift posted this photo of Benson sprawled out on a couch on her Instagram account in 2020. The funny and adorable photo gained more than two million likes on the photo-sharing platform. Benson is one of the richest cats in the world with a whopping net worth of $97 million as of January 2023.


A sitting black and white cat


A fluffy cat sitting like a human


A white and orange cat sitting like a human

One of the oddest and most adorable things cat owners have ever witnessed is cats sitting upright. Naturally, most cats sit upright when grooming themselves or looking for attention, and they might just be comfortable sitting like that. Nevertheless, it is common to see a feline sitting down like a human. However, it is one of their odd positions.


A ragdoll sitting cat


A sitting British Shorthair cat


A black and white cat sitting in a box


A cute cat's sitting position


A cat sitting like a human in bed


An orange cat sitting like a person


A Tabby cat sitting on the couch


A sitting black and white cat


A three-legged orange cat sitting


A funny sitting cat


A fluffy orange cat's sitting position


A cat sitting on bed


Darwin the sitting cat


An ash-colored sitting cat


A sitting grumpy cat


A fat sitting cat


A cat sitting on a sofa


A fluffy cat chilling in bed


An adorable sitting cat


A black and white cat sitting on the stair case


A sitting Bengal cat


An orange cat sitting


A sitting cat


A Bengal cat sitting on a chair


A fluffy ash-colored cat's sitting position

Cats are flexible and this sitting position can be very comfortable for them. As a cat owner, you shouldn't worry about this sitting position being uncomfortable for your feline. In addition, you shouldn't feel the need to correct it either. Your feline will fix the issue if it's uncomfortable. Moreover, a cat might just be mimicking its owner's behavior by sitting upright when it wants to relax. Though it may seem a bit strange to you, the feline may have picked up that sitting position from you.


Just a funny sitting cat


Marvel the cat likes to sit like a man


A sitting Maine Coon Cat


A fluffy sitting cat


A sitting black and white cat


A cute cat sitting like a human

In conclusion, a cat sitting like a human shouldn't be anything worrying, as it’s not linked to health issues or behavior that is problematic. As a cat owner, you should consider your feline's sitting position a good sign or routine, rather than a concern.


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