Adorable Videos Show Dogs Protecting Children From Being Drowned In Water

Naturally, dogs are protective of things they consider theirs such as their food, toys, and shelter. Once they get adopted by a human they consider them family and become protective of them and their children. That's where the saying "dogs are family" comes in, and the three videos in this article just prove that.

A Dog Protecting a Child From Being Drowned In Water

In each video, a dog is seen preventing a toddler from being drowned in the water. I know these dogs are trained to protect the kids but the videos are just incredible. The below video shows a toddler apparently trying to retrieve a ball that fell into the river. However, the dog dragged her by the cloth to safety and entered the river by himself to pick up the ball for the girl. Watch the incredible video below:


The second video shows a dog protecting a young child from going too far into the sea, where the water is deep. The adorable dog is seen jumping in front of the girl so she can stay at the edge of the water.


In the third video, a Newfoundland dog is seen protecting a young girl playing in the water. However, the dog swiftly dragged the girl to the shore when he perceives that the waves are getting strong.


Newfoundland dogs, otherwise known as noble giants, are famously great companions who have earned a reputation as patient and watchful 'nanny dogs' for children. Other nanny dog breeds that can help tuck your kids into bed at night include the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Saint Bernard, Beagle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Viszla.

In December 2022, a Golden Retriever was credited with protecting two Louisiana girls who were lost in the woods.

As our dogs are so loving, caring and faithful towards us, we should also treat them the same way. You might also be interested in reading this article about hero dogs who saved their owners' lives in the United States.


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