Top 5 Hero Dogs Who Saved Their Owner's Life In The United States


Most people adopt a rescue dog when they’re seeking companionship. Eventually, most adopted dogs turned out to be the saviors of their owners' lives. As a result, these people got a second chance at life, thanks to the dogs they adopted.

1. Tinsley leads police to her injured owner

Tinsley leads police to her injured owner

Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, led police officers to her owner who was wounded in a car crash in New Hampshire. On January 5th, 2022, New Hampshire State Police received a report about a loose canine. However, upon their arrival, Tinsley kept running down Interstate 89, leading the responding officers to a damaged vehicle from which her seriously injured owner was ejected, according to USA Today.

2. Bunny saves her owner's life

Bunny saves her owner's life

A former Stark County, Ohio shelter dog saved her owner's life after the man had a stroke. According to News 5 Cleveland, 52-year-old Manson adopted Bunny who would turn out to be his savior. Approximately four months after he adopted Bunny, Manson suffered a cerebral stroke inside his home and the dog reacted. Despite his severe condition, Mason crawled to the front door and pushed it open hoping the dog would go out and somehow get help. Bunny raced to the end of the driveway and began barking continuously until she eventually got the attention of a neighbor, Misty Gore, who lives across the street. Gore followed Bunny to the house and found Mason in distress. Gore quickly made an emergency call and Mason was rushed to the hospital. Gore was glad that she paid attention to Bunny's cues.

3. Dog Saul Helps Rescue Owner Who Fell 70 Feet in a Forest

Dog Saul Helps Rescue Owner Who Fell 70 Feet in a Forest

On July 13, 2022, a 53-year-old California man and his dog named Saul were hiking near California’s Tahoe National Forest when an accident occurred. Saul's owner fell 70 feet from a ridge and broke multiple ribs. According to the New York Times, the man had no phone on him. All he had was just a dog by his side. The man then managed to crawl to his camp where he was able to call 911. About seven hours later, rescuers came across Saul in the forest. According to the rescuers, the dog was jumping up and down, spinning around in circles. The dog then ran 20 feet ahead of the rescuers and looked back at them as if to say: Follow me. They followed Saul for about 200 yards and found its injured owner lying in a bed of dirt. The man, who suffered non-life-threatening, was transported by helicopter to a hospital.

4. Hero dog saves her owner from mountain lion attack

Hero dog saves her owner from mountain lion attack

A California woman, Erin Wilson, and her pup, Eva, were taking a walk near Northern California's Trinity River when they encountered a mountain lion. According to People, the mountain lion charged at Wilson and scratched her shoulder after ripping through her jacket. Wilson told the outlet that she began to yell "Ever" who came running. Eva fought the mountain lion for a couple of seconds and then started crying after the cat latched on to her skull, according to Wilson. The dog owner, with the help of a woman she flagged down, was able to rescue Eva from the cat's mouth. Eva was transported to the nearest emergency vet clinic where she experienced convulsions. Eva is now doing much better.

5. Dog Apollo saves his owner from assault

Dog Apollo saves his owner from assault

One evening in Brooklyn, 18-year-old Maya Fairweather was walking 5-month-old “fearless” pit bull pup, Apollo, when a stranger attacked her and pushed her to the ground. However, Apollo immediately understood the situation his owner was in and bit the attacker so badly on the leg that he had to struggle a bit to shake the dog off.

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