Thirsty Cat Caught on Camera Drinking From Water Dispenser


Cats' ability to swiftly adapt to their surroundings is one of the reasons why the internet is so obsessed with them. They are observant beings who possess vast intelligence to survive in various circumstances. Over the years, cat people have taken to the internet to share the daily life of their furry companion, from which a lot of pet owners have learned more about their pets. A cat who lives with his or her human parents for so long may learn to live like one.

Cat Drinking From Water Dispenser

Fascinatingly, a clever orange cat learned how to drink from the water dispenser in its home by observing it for so long. In a now-viral video with the caption, "They are evolving at an alarming rate," shared to Subreddit r/AnimalsBeingDerps, the thirsty feline is seen brilliantly using the water tap to quench its thirst. This shows how cats' minds are full of knowledge from keen observation.


Obviously, this might not be the first time the feline is drinking from the water dispenser as it can be seen flawlessly standing there with one paw on the water tap. The post, which was shared by Reddit user JuniorPC0623, received 7.1k upvotes and 80 hilarious remarks and compliments for the cat.

Cat Caught on Camera Drinking From Water Dispenser

Cat Caught on Camera Drinking From Water Dispenser

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