Disturbing Footage Shows Heartless California Man Tossing Pitbull Over Razor Wire Fence

The Riverside County Animal Services in California is seeking an arrest warrant for a ruthless pet owner who abandoned his Pitbull dog by tossing him over a razor wire fence at a remote cell tower.

The horrifying incident was caught on camera as it occur on December 15, 2022, at the California cell tower. Riverside County Animal Services on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, shared the disturbing footage that shows the man hurling the 8-year-old pit bull over the sharp fence and walking away nonchalantly.

California Man Tossing Pitbull Over Razor Wire Fence

Fortunately, the neglected dog was discovered by maintenance workers for the cell tower who then contacted Animal Services. The dog spent almost two hours inside the fencing and was provided three bottles of water before first responders arrived and transported him to a county shelter.

The incident took place in Winchester, a census-designated place in Riverside County, California. Animal Services officers subsequently made multiple attempts using the dog's microchip information to locate the owner at an address in Temecula city. According to Animal Services, the man apparently no longer resides there and the provided phone number for the chip is not allowing incoming calls.

The shelter reveals the dog's name as KO and records show that the dog is owned by 30-year-old Robert Ruiz Jr. Based on the footage and additional information, Animal Services is seeking an arrest warrant for Mr. Ruiz for abandoning an animal willfully. Miraculously, KO did not suffer serious injuries from the razor wire.

According to Animal Services Commander Josh Sisler, KO's right eye was treated for mucoid discharge by veterinary staffers. The dog's left eye also exhibited discharge, but not as severe as the right eye.

The shelter changed KO's name to Ken and put him up for adoption.

It wasn't long before an Orange County woman named Jennifer adopted Ken after seeing the video of him being dumped. Riverside County Animal Services announced the great news Thursday with uplifting photos and promised to share some video clips soon too.

Abandoned dog KO gets adopted

Ken the dog has found a forever home in orange county California
Jennifer adopts Ken

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