Heartwarming Video Shows a Kind Man Helping a Sloth Cross The Road

Some of the viral memes and videos on the internet are made up of sloths. They put smiles on our faces and for that, they deserve our kindness. Sloths are some of the slowest-moving animals in the world with a speed of 0.27 km/h when threatened.

a Sloth Crossing The Road

In a viral Pinterest video, a good Samaritan is seen carrying a three-toed sloth that is slowly crossing a road. The man not only helps the sloth cross the road but also carries it to a tree to make things easier for the animal. Once on the tree's body, the sloth happily continues its tedious journey.

The heartwarming moment is when the man waves the sloth goodbye and the animal smiles back as if to say thank you.

In another viral Pinterest video, a sloth is seen crossing a road slowly. However, in this video, no one helps the sloth cross the road. Instead, police officers are seen stopping cars with the intention to protect and respect the animal while it crosses the road. While patiently waiting, some people are seen filming and taking pictures of the sweet creature.

However, users who have watched the first video are criticizing people in the second video for filming and taking pictures instead of carrying the animal to a tree. Below is a screenshot of a user's comment on the second video.

Below is another adorable video of someone helping a sloth cross the road. 

Animals that run faster may be able to cross a road slicing through the forest without being hit by a car. Unfortunately for sloths, speed is not their forte. Consequently, they often get hit by cars while crossing the road. However, sloths are surprisingly great swimmers, despite their slow movement on the ground. According to Sloth Conservation, sloths can swim much more quickly than they can walk. They use a sort of doggy paddle to swim in the water. Below is a video of a swimming sloth.

A sloth's face
A sloth's face upon closer look.

A baby sloth
An adorable baby sloth


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