Oakland Zoo Tiger Cub Is Completely Captivated By Tiger Documentary

A tiger watching a documentary on Laptop

Big cats captivate us with their strength, elegance, and charm - even tigers like Lily, a rescued cub at Oakland Zoo. Lily appears just as enthralled by tiger documentaries as we do! Getting to Oakland Zoo was no easy journey for Lily. Rescued on February 20th from a private facility, she was in poor condition. Malnourished, confined in tight quarters, with fractured legs causing muscle atrophy, Lily faced a long recovery process. Yet, her resilient spirit persevered through her difficult past.

Oakland Zoo's dedicated team worked relentlessly, providing her the essential care and attention she required for recovery. Remarkably, just weeks after her rescue, Lily exhibits promising signs of improvement. Surprisingly, Lily has captivated the staff with her keen interest in tiger documentaries. Whenever a documentary plays on the laptop screen, Lily's gaze remains transfixed, almost as if recognizing her fellow tigers on display. This charming behavior not only delights but also showcases Lily's intelligence and insatiable curiosity.

Lily, despite early life struggles, is eager to explore. What better way than watching documentaries on her own kind? Lily's tale is one of many. Tigers and lions often need rescue from irresponsible ownership and exploitation. Many wrongly think these majestic animals can be pets or for entertainment. The truth, however, is far more complicated. Per the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), around 10,000 big cats are captive in the U.S. IFAW says these animals face abuse and harsh conditions.

Big cats require expert care, special diets, and room to roam and exercise. They aren't meant for cages or forced tricks. Unmet needs harm them physically and emotionally.


her name is Lily. as a rescued tiger, Lily is now learning about her own kind.

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