Man Banned from Tennessee Store After Bringing in His Service Duck

a man shopping with a service duck by his side

Visualize navigating your regular routine with a faithful service animal beside you, only to encounter resistance entering a store. This was Justin Wood's experience with his service duck, Wrinkle, during a Buc-ee's trip in Tennessee. Despite Wrinkle positively impacting fellow shoppers, their visit took an unexpected turn.

Wood and Wrinkle entered the store, drawing curious onlookers eager to interact with the adorable duck. However, an employee interrupted, stating only service dogs were allowed. Wood explained Wrinkle's service animal status, but a second employee reiterated pet prohibition. 

Though Wood clarified, a third employee insisted Wrinkle couldn't remain, citing containment concerns and potential flight. Wood, determined, asked about leashing Wrinkle, which was approved, Fox News reports. As Wood shopped, he learned that police awaited him outside. The officers relayed his ban from all Buc-ee's locations due to the incident. Wood expressed surprise at the repercussions' extent but maintained a positive demeanor throughout. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that companies let service animals aid people with disabilities. They must allow these animals where the public goes. 

But, service animals must have leashes, harnesses, or other control tools. An exception is if those tools stop the animal's duties. This law guarantees equal access and accommodation for people with disabilities. And, it applies to their service animals as well.


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