Funny Video Shows Dog Marionette Puppet Fooling Real Dog

live dog vs puppet dog

A couple of weeks ago, I showcased a video featuring two Huskies encountering a Robot Dog, displaying predictable reactions. Soon after, I shared a clip of a Japanese man investing a substantial sum to undergo a canine transformation, yet failing to deceive an actual dog. However, today's video surpasses those instances - a dog becomes captivated by a puppet!

Witness the endearing responses as a street performer masterfully manipulates a life-size marionette resembling a canine. The real dog, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the puppet, becomes overjoyed and exhibits an enthusiastic reaction towards its fabric and wooden doppelganger.

The video begins with the skilled puppeteer bringing a marionette to life with realistic movements like gentle head tilts and a bouncy tail wag. At first glance, you might mistake it for a real puppy. The live dog, which belongs to someone in the crowd, watches the puppet with curiosity and caution initially. Then, the puppet and the pup are seen engaging in a playful dance. The puppeteer makes the marionette prance, bow, and pretend to sniff the real dog. The live pup seems enchanted yet puzzled, unsure if the puppe­t is a friend or foe based on its body language.

The most hilarious moment is when the puppet presents its backside, and the dog eage­rly investigates, only to realize the deception. The puppeteer's remarkable talent shines through. In all ways, the lifelike movements of the marionette are astonishing. This street performance­ masterfully combines artistry, entertainment, and psychological exploration. Titled "Next level puppeteering skills," the video has garne­red over 30,000 upvotes and 300 comments on Reddit.

Next level puppeteering skills
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