WATCH: Japanese Man Who Spent Almost $15k Transforming Into a Dog Fails To Fool Real-Life Dog

In a world where people are constantly seeking unique hobbies and ways to express themselves, one Japanese man took it to the extreme. Toco, as he is known, spent nearly $15,000 to transform himself into a dog. Complete with a hyperrealistic collie costume, he embarked on a mission to experience life as a four-legged friend. However, his recent encounter with a real-life dog proved that his transformation was not foolproof.

Man Who Transformed Into a Dog meets real-life dog

Toco, the Japanese man who aspires to be an animal, shares his dog impersonation adventures on his popular YouTube channel, "I Want to Be an Animal." With a growing subscriber base of nearly 61,000, he has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. Despite the attention, Toco insists that he has no desire to live permanently as a dog. Dressing up as a realistic dog is simply his leisure activity, one that brings him joy and happiness.

Dressed in his full-body collie suit, Toco approached a skeptical Shiba Inu while on all fours. He hoped to fool the real-life dog with his hyperrealistic transformation, but his efforts fell flat. Instead of reacting playfully, the Shiba Inu barked repeatedly in Toco's direction, clearly perplexed by this unfamiliar sight. Undeterred, Toco continued to try and engage with the canine, but to no avail. Eventually, the Inu lost interest and wandered away, leaving Toco with an experience that didn't go as planned.

Toco's YouTube channel showcases his unique dog impersonation adventures. In his latest video, he demonstrates his agility skills within what appears to be a dog park. While the footage is undoubtedly amusing, it also highlights Toco's determination and commitment to his unusual hobby. From attempting to scale a steep ramp to hopping over hurdles, he puts his canine abilities to the test. However, as entertaining as these attempts may be, Toco often finds himself failing to accomplish his goals. Instead of reaching the top of the ramp, he ends up on his stomach, and when attempting to clear a hurdle, he unintentionally knocks it over before collapsing to the ground.

Despite the failed attempts and occasional setbacks, Toco's unconventional hobby is paying off. His dog impersonation exploits have attracted international media attention and gained him a significant following on YouTube. With nearly 61,000 subscribers, his videos are capturing the imagination of viewers worldwide.


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