Can You Own a Pet Pig in Pennsylvania?

a pet pig

When it comes to picking a pet, lots of folks like to think outside the box. While dogs and cats are definitely popular choices, some people prefer more unique companions. One such option is having a pig as a pet. But before you go hog wild and bring one of these oinkers into your home, it's crucial to find out if it's even legal in your state.

In Pennsylvania, the rules about pet pigs can vary depending on where you live. Whether or not you can have a piggy pal in Pennsylvania depends on which county or municipality you call home. So, in this blog post, I'm gonna shine a light on a few Pennsylvania places where owning a pet pig is totally legit.

1. Erie, PA

In Erie, Pennsylvania, pot-belly pigs are not classified as wild or farm animals, which means they can be kept as pets within the city limits. However, Erie Code mandates that pet pigs must be spayed or neutered. Furthermore, Erie pet owners must ensure that their pet pigs do not disrupt, interfere with, or disturb the peace, quiet, rest, or sleep of any person within the City.

2. Shillington, PA

The borough of Shillington, located in Berks County, allows its residents to keep one American mini pig as a pet in any residence or household within its jurisdiction. However, Shillington pig owners must adhere to certain regulations to ensure a harmonious coexistence within the community.

First and foremost, it is mandatory for mini pig owners to register their furry companions with the Borough. Additionally, proof of neutering or spaying, performed by a certified veterinarian, must be provided. Furthermore, according to the Town Code, mini pigs are expected to primarily reside within the interior of their owner's residence. This means that outdoor permanent, structural pens or holding facilities are not permitted.

However, the borough understands that mini pigs, like any other pets, need some fresh air and outdoor time. Therefore, it is required that your residence has a fenced-in yard or designated space where your mini pet pig can enjoy temporary outdoor activities.

3. Upper Darby, PA

In Upper Darby Township, pet pigs are considered domestic animals and can be kept as pets on lots that are one acre or larger. So, if you have a lot that's smaller than one acre, sorry, but you can't have a pet pig in Upper Darby Township. The Township Code makes it clear that any structure where pet pigs are kept must be made of materials that can be easily cleaned and kept sanitary. If someone complains about your pig's living conditions, the Director of the Department of Public Health or their representative will come and inspect your place.

Furthermore, you can't let your pet pig roam freely or cause any damage to buildings, lawns, shrubs, or any other property. Most importantly, your pig shouldn't be a nuisance to your neighbors.

4. Scranton, PA

If you live in Scranton, PA, you are allowed to have a pet pig as long as you can prevent it from roaming freely on the streets, avenues, courts, public areas, or any open land within the city. Moreover, your pet pig should not make excessive squeaking, oinking, or grunting noises that disturb the peace of the neighborhood or pose a health risk to the citizens of Scranton.

5. Bensalem, PA

According to Chapter 205, Section 205-1 of Bensalem's code of ordinances, it is prohibited for any resident of Bensalem Township to keep or have more than six pigs or swine on their property at any given time. If this restriction is violated, a fine or penalty of $600 may be imposed.

6. Lancaster, PA

If you reside in the City of Lancaster, PA, you have the opportunity to own a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig as a pet. However, you must ensure that your pet pig is confined within an enclosure that prevents it from roaming freely. This enclosure should be appropriately sized and constructed to promote the well-being of the animal. Additionally, it is worth noting that the Lancaster Code imposes a limit of six animals per household, encompassing pot-bellied pigs, dogs, and cats. So, make sure to keep this in mind when considering adding a piggy companion to your family!

7. Middletown Township, PA

If you reside in Middletown Township, PA, you have may keep a pig as a pet, as long as you adhere to certain regulations. Firstly, you must have a securely fenced area to prevent the pig from escaping. This fenced area must be well-maintained, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and sanitation, as mandated by the Township Code.

Alternatively, if you choose not to use fencing, you may employ other methods to restrain your pet pig. However, you must remain on the premises and provide adequate supervision while the pig is restrained using these alternative means.

Moreover, your pet pig must not emit any noxious odors or create excessive noise that may cause inconvenience or annoyance to the residents in the surrounding neighborhood.


In conclusion, the permissibility of owning a pig as a pet in Pennsylvania is contingent upon your specific location within the state. Consequently, prior to making the decision to welcome a pig into your residence in The Keystone State, it is imperative that you thoroughly examine the local regulations or seek guidance from your city or town clerk.


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