Can You Own a Goat in Arizona?

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In the United States, goats are typically considered livestock and are allowed to be raised in agricultural areas. However, restrictions apply when it comes to urban areas. In Arizona, like many other states, the regulations for keeping goats are determined by individual municipalities. 

Therefore, whether or not you can own a goat in Arizona depends on your specific location within The Grand Canyon State. In this blog post, I will provide a list of a few Arizona cities where keeping a goat as a pet or for food is permitted. So, if you're curious about owning a goat in Arizona, keep reading!

1. Phoenix, AZ

If you reside in the City of Phoenix, AZ, you may own a goat, but there are a few conditions you need to meet. Firstly, the place where you keep your goat must always be clean and tidy, and it will be inspected and regulated by the City Health Officer. Secondly, you must not let your goat roam freely, as it could potentially cause health issues or become a nuisance, which is against Phoenix's municipal codes.

2. Tucson, AZ

Goats are considered livestock in the City of Tucson, AZ, and are allowed to be kept as pets. However, as per Tucson's code of ordinances, goat owners are not allowed to let their animals roam freely within the city. Additionally, it is prohibited to let your goats graze or pasture on any land within the city, except on your own property.

3. Mesa, AZ

In the City of Mesa, goats are considered livestock and are permitted as pets. However, a minimum of 35,000 square feet of land is required to keep goats. The specific number of goats allowed is determined by a point system outlined in the Mesa City Code 8-6-21.

4. Gilbert, AZ

Goats are considered small livestock animals and are allowed to be kept within the Town limits of Gilbert, AZ, under specific conditions. You must ensure that your goats are kept in a suitable enclosure and not allowed to roam freely. If you reside in a residential area, it is crucial to avoid keeping your goats in conditions that may cause offensive or unpleasant smells, as stated in the Town's Code of Ordinances.

5. Surprise, AZ

If you live in the City of Surprise, AZ, you are allowed to own goats as long as you provide them with at least half an acre of lot area per animal. You must construct a secure enclosure to prevent the goats from escaping and wandering onto other people's property, as stated in the City's Municipal Code. Additionally, you must ensure that the goats' enclosure is well-maintained to avoid any unpleasant smells or odors that could be considered a public health nuisance.

6. Yuma, AZ

If you are a resident of Yuma, AZ, you are permitted to own goats as long as their presence does not disrupt the peace, comfort, or health of any individual living within the city. Additionally, the locations where goats are kept within the city will be regularly inspected and regulated by the city enforcement agent. Furthermore, you are prohibited by the City Code from keeping or maintaining any corral, barn, shed, or similar structure within 20 feet of another person's dwelling, if it is intended for housing, keeping, or caring for any type of animal.

7. Avondale, AZ

Avondale residents have the privilege of owning goats within the city limits, as long as they fulfill specific requirements and conditions. According to the Avondale Code of Ordinances, it is mandatory to keep your goats within a 200-foot distance from neighboring residences. Additionally, if you wish to own a goat in Avondale, AZ, you must have a minimum of 21,780 square feet of space available for each goat's use.

8. Flagstaff

In the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, miniature goats are classified as small livestock and are permitted to be kept on residential properties across the city. However, your landlord or homeowners association might have their own rules regarding goat-keeping on their properties. If your property is smaller than 20,000 square feet, you are allowed to have a maximum of two Pygmy, Dwarf, or Miniature Goats. It is mandatory according to the Flagstaff Code that male goats be neutered.


In conclusion, whether you can own a goat as a pet in Arizona depends on where you live within the state. So, before you decide to bring a goat into your home in The Grand Canyon State, it's really important to check out the local regulations or ask your city or town clerk for guidance. Also, don't forget that your landlord or homeowners association might have their own rules about keeping goats on their properties. So, make sure to get their permission too.


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