Smart Dog Seemingly Solves Math Questions With Ease When Quizzed by its Owner

Have you ever wondered how intelligent our furry friends can be? While they may not possess the same level of intellect as humans, dogs never fail to amaze us with their cleverness and abilities. From their adorable actions to their quick-witted responses, dogs have taken over the internet with their incredible talents. One such canine companion, Luna, has captured the hearts of millions as she demonstrates her remarkable skill in solving math questions.

Luna, known on TikTok as @lunatheminicockapoo, is a Mini Cockapoo who has gained immense popularity on social media due to her exceptional talent. In a recent video shared by her owner, Jared, Luna astounds viewers as she effortlessly answers math addition and subtraction questions.

a clever dog solving math questions

Jared and his cockapoo, Luna, have gained immense popularity on TikTok due to their entertaining videos, amassing a staggering 2 million followers. One particular video, titled "Math with my Dog," showcases Jared's interaction with Luna as he poses math questions to her. The video captures Luna's adorable thought process as she contemplates the answers.

In the video, Jared begins by asking Luna, "What is 9 minus 3?" Luna, displaying her thinking face, receives encouragement from Jared, who assures her, "You can do it." To everyone's delight, the endearing pooch taps Jared's arm six times, indicating that her answer is 6. Jared praises her accomplishment, saying, "Good job!" He proceeds to challenge Luna with another question: "What's 6 minus 2?" Luna taps his arm four times, demonstrating her understanding of subtraction. Each time Jared presents a question, Luna takes her time to ponder before responding, adding to the charm of the video.

Finally, Jared poses the question, "What's 5 plus 4?" Luna taps his arm nine times, correctly arriving at the answer of 9. Jared commends her once again, acknowledging her intelligence. 

Despite the widespread admiration for Luna's cleverness, some users raised doubts about her true understanding. Comments such as @bigfirebalc's assertion that Luna merely taps Jared's arm until he says "good" and @lukas.zgella's counterargument that Luna didn't wait for the affirmation, surfaced. However, @iamdenelliabronwyn chimed in, appreciating Luna's exceptional ability to follow commands, emphasizing the brilliance of her performance, and discouraging the constant search for flaws.

In response to the thousands of comments claiming that Luna's actions were fake, Jared posted a follow-up video to prove the haters wrong. In this video, he addressed his four-legged companion and mentioned that people thought he gave her a cue for the answer. Luna responded with a quizzical expression, as if asking, "Really?" Jared then presented her with a math problem: "What's 7 minus 3?" As usual, Luna put on her adorable thinking face and tapped Jared's arm four times. This time, however, Jared never said "Good" or gave any hint, confirming that Luna's brilliance was not fake.

Luna the Mini Cockapoo has captivated audiences worldwide with her ability to seemingly solve math questions with ease. While skeptics may question the authenticity of her talent, Jared's follow-up video serves as proof that Luna is indeed an intelligent canine companion. As we continue to witness the extraordinary abilities of our furry friends, let's appreciate the joy they bring to our lives and the endless possibilities that exist within their remarkable minds.

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