Hilariously Golden Retriever Soaks in Lake So He Can Spray His Victims


A mischievous golden retriever with a wicked sense of humor has been capturing the attention of internet users around the world. This playful pup has found a hilarious way to entertain himself by soaking in a lake and then spraying unsuspecting victims with the water. With each shake of his wet fur, this mischievous golden retriever delights in his clever prank.

Funny golden retriever

It's clear that this mischievous golden retriever has perfected his prank over time. With a person standing on a nearby deck, aware of the impending dousing, the doggo wastes no time in making his move. As the person attempts to flee, they can be heard screaming, "No, no, no!" But their efforts are in vain. The water-logged dog is both swift and determined, making sure his prey doesn't escape. With a well-timed shake, the prankster sends a wave of lake water crashing down upon his victim.

According to the doggo's TikTok caption, this prank was entirely intentional. The golden retriever's mischievous act was undoubtedly premeditated, showcasing his cleverness and sense of amusement. It's fascinating to witness the level of thought and strategizing that goes into this lighthearted prank. The doggo's determination and execution speak volumes about his intelligence and playful nature.

@conigliaro12 100% planned 🤣💀 #fy #fyp ♬ original sound - Cayla C.


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