3 'Incredibly Cute' African Painted Dog Puppies Raised By Golden Retriever at Indiana Zoo

African Painted Dog Puppies Raised By a Golden Retriever

An Indiana zoo has welcomed three adorable and endangered African painted dog puppies into their care. Born in September, these puppies have captured the hearts of many with their cuteness. Although they are not like the domesticated dogs we are familiar with, they belong to the same family. What makes their story even more extraordinary is that they were raised by a golden retriever named Kassy, who became their surrogate mother.

African Painted Dog Puppies Raised By a Golden Retriever

African painted dogs, also known as African wild dogs or wolves, are native to sub-Saharan Africa. Sadly, there are less than 7,000 adult painted dogs left in the wild, making them an endangered species. The population is declining due to human-wildlife conflict, habitat fragmentation, and disease. These factors make the arrival of the three painted dog puppies at the Potawatomi Zoo even more significant.

When the puppies' birth parents, Bleu and Maurice, were unable to care for the litter, the zoo staff had to intervene. They consulted with experts and decided to hand-raise the puppies. To ensure the best possible upbringing, they sought a surrogate domestic dog who could provide them with a canine social structure. Enter Kassy, the golden retriever.

African Painted Dog Puppies Raised By a Golden Retriever

Within hours of meeting the puppies, Kassy accepted them as her own. She nurtured them, nursed them, and cared for them like a loving mother. Kassy's unconditional love and dedication played a vital role in the puppies' survival and development during their formative weeks.

The zoo staff diligently monitored and cared for the pups for the first four weeks of their lives. Unfortunately, according to USA TODAY, five of the eight painted dogs did not have the strength to survive. It was a heartbreaking but necessary part of the journey.

As for the surviving trio, they are now 11 weeks old, healthy, and full of energy. The zoo is eagerly awaiting the moment when they can introduce the puppies to their family, the pack of African painted dogs. However, the adults did not display a suitable positive interest in the puppies, creating uncertainty about when or how a reunion will occur.

3 African Painted Dog Puppies

Recognizing the importance of family dynamics and natural behaviors for the puppies' development, the zoo is building a home for the three siblings next to their family members. This proximity will allow the puppies to learn how to behave like painted dogs and instill crucial instincts.

The pups might eventually become a part of the Potawatomi Zoo pack or be moved to another AZA-accredited facility. Either way, the ultimate goal is for them to live fulfilling lives and, potentially, raise families of their own.

An African Painted Dog Puppy

An African Painted Dog Puppy

2 African Painted Dog Puppies


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