Teacher Sweetly Steps In After His Student Couldn't Find A Pet Sitter


In a heartwarming display of kindness and compassion, Professor Martin Adan, an English and French language teacher at a university in Mexico, recently went above and beyond his duties as an educator. When one of his students was unable to find a pet sitter for her adorable kitten, Adan took it upon himself to care for the furry companion so that the student could focus on her exam. This story is a wonderful reminder of the impact teachers can have on their students' lives, both inside and outside the classroom.

a kitten in a classroom

As the student faced the dilemma of not being able to find someone to care for her beloved pet, she made the decision to bring the kitten to school. With an important test scheduled for that day, she was fearful of missing it. Understanding the student's predicament and empathizing with her desire to excel academically, Adan graciously stepped in to lend a helping hand. "I decided to assist my student by taking care of the kitten while she took her exam," Adan shared with The Dodo. "My intention was to ensure that she could fully concentrate on her test without any distractions. Additionally, I have a deep affection for cats."

Adan's act of kindness exemplifies the compassionate nature that teachers possess. While his primary role is to educate and guide students academically, his actions extended far beyond the classroom walls. By stepping in to assist his student, he not only ensured that she could focus on her exam, but he also provided her with peace of mind and support.

a teacher caring for his student's kitten

The sight of Adan selflessly caring for the kitten was undeniably heartwarming. If there were a test to measure kindness and compassion, Adan would undoubtedly achieve a perfect score. "The irresistible charm of such an adorable kitten is simply irresistible. They bring me immense joy," Adan expressed. "Looking after her brought me immense satisfaction. Animals deserve our unwavering love and care."


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