Man Calls His Newly Adopted Kitten a 'Miracle of Nature' After Noticing Its Fur Is Green


An exceptionally charming and extraordinary kitten has been capturing the attention of the residents in the city of Grodno, Belarus. It is not difficult to understand why this little feline has become the talk of the town. The young cat boasts a remarkably unique feature - its fluffy fur displays a mysterious shade of green. Sergey Viktorovich, a local shopkeeper, decided to adopt this adorable kitten after discovering that a litter had been born in a nearby village. Instantly captivated by its distinctive coloring, Viktorovich affectionately refers to the kitten as a "miracle of nature."

A green cat

Viktorovich sought the opinion of a veterinarian, who confirmed that the cat is in perfect health and that its unusual coloring is entirely natural. Unlike a green puppy born in Florida in 2019, whose temporary coloration was believed to be a result of substances in its mother's womb, this cat's distinctive appearance is believed to be an inherent trait. "The vet explained that he possesses a genetic anomaly responsible for his unique color," Viktorovich shared with The Dodo.

A green kitten

As the proprietor of a stationary store, Viktorovich bestowed the name "Eraser" upon the cat, declaring him as the shop's new mascot. Beyond his peculiar hue, Eraser exhibits all the characteristics of a typical kitten - he is lively, playful, curious, and affectionate. "He brings joy to our lives both at home and in the shop," Viktorovich expressed. Even their corgi has developed an affectionate bond with Eraser.

A green kitten and its owner

While it remains uncertain whether Eraser's green fur will fade as he matures into adulthood, Viktorovich and his family are committed to loving him unconditionally. Regardless of any changes in his appearance, Eraser will continue to be cherished. "We have been enjoying his presence immensely," Viktorovich affirmed.


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