Dachshund Delivers Litter of 11 Adorable Puppies, Setting a New Record


A remarkable event has taken place as a sausage dog has recently given birth to an astonishing litter of 11 puppies, potentially breaking a world record. Winnie, a three-year-old dachshund, delivered this extraordinary brood at her home near Leicester last month.

Dachshund puppies

This is not the first time that a dachshund has made headlines for such an impressive feat. In September 2021, another dog of the same breed named Cheesecake gave birth to 10 puppies. However, Winnie has now surpassed this record with her own litter of 11, leaving her owner, 23-year-old Rayma Jones, to suspect that this may indeed be a world record.

Jones, a stay-at-home dog owner, expressed her amazement at the situation, recounting how she repeatedly counted the puppies in disbelief. She admits that she was so taken aback that she half-expected Winnie to surprise her with yet another addition to the litter when she wasn't looking.

Winnie has proven to be an exceptional mother, and Jones is overwhelmed by the possibility that her beloved pet may have achieved a world record. In her search for confirmation, Jones turned to the internet, where she found it difficult to believe the rarity of the situation.

Dachshund puppies and their owner

Observing Winnie's nurturing nature, Jones describes her as a natural mother. She even possesses ten nipples, allowing her to nearly feed all of her puppies simultaneously. Witnessing this tender interaction is a heartwarming experience for Jones.

Winnie's dedication to her puppies is unwavering. She never wants to leave their side, and at the slightest sound of another dog, she is immediately by their side, protecting them. Jones proudly declares that Winnie is the best mother one could hope for.

The Jones family acquired Winnie when she was seven months old, as her previous owners were relocating overseas. After careful consideration, Jones decided that it was time for Winnie to become a mother. Understanding the importance of determining the appropriate age for breeding based on the breed, she embarked on the journey of finding a suitable father for her pet.

Approximately three months ago, Jones successfully found a compatible mate for her pet, and a scan conducted at 35 days of the nine-week pregnancy revealed the presence of six puppies in her pet's belly. It is worth noting that dachshunds typically have litters ranging from one to six puppies due to their small size. Little did Jones know what was in store for her.

Dachshund puppies

On the 5th of September, just five days before the expected due date, Jones noticed her pet, Winnie, exhibiting unusual behavior. Winnie began digging and stamping about on her bed, signaling that the time was near. Jones, being a responsible and attentive owner, set an alarm to check on her pet in the middle of the night. However, as she settled into bed, she heard a faint squeaking noise emanating from the spare room at 11:30 pm.

To her astonishment, Winnie had already given birth to her first puppy. Jones immediately rushed to her side, providing the necessary support and care. The second puppy arrived at 1:30 am on the 6th of September, followed by four more, each 20 minutes apart. And then, the surprises continued. Numbers seven, eight, and nine made their entrance, arriving within a mere seven minutes of each other. After a brief 40-minute pause, the tenth puppy joined the litter. Exhausted but exhilarated, Jones finally retired to bed at 6:30 am, believing that Winnie had completed her miraculous delivery.

Dachshund puppies

However, when Jones checked on Winnie four hours later, she was astounded to discover yet another addition to the litter. "I thought 10 was amazing," Jones reminisces, adding that "I truly believed she was done.". "But upon my return, I counted eleven puppies. There was no mess; she had diligently cleaned up after herself and neatly arranged the newest addition alongside the others. She truly is a remarkable dog."

It is worth noting that Guinness World Records does not maintain records for individual dog breeds. Nevertheless, the largest recorded litter of puppies to date is an astonishing 24, all born on November 29, 2004, to Tia, a Neapolitan mastiff residing in the United Kingdom.

Jones further adds that Winnie, the mother in question, possesses a remarkably rare coat color for a wire-haired dachshund. She is a silver dapple, and five of her puppies share the same striking silver hue adorned with black spots. Additionally, three puppies boast a rich chocolate coloration, while the remaining three exhibit the classic black and tan markings.

a Dachshund dog breastfeeding her puppies

The puppies will be ready to leave their mother once they reach the age of eight weeks, as it is crucial not to sell puppies and kittens before this age. Undoubtedly, taking care of such a large litter can be quite challenging and demanding.

Jones acknowledges, 'I will have to find suitable homes for them, although I have not yet determined the price.' The thought of living with eleven puppies is overwhelming, as it may lead to being labeled as an eccentric dog enthusiast. While Jones has not finalized the pricing, it is worth noting that dachshund puppies are typically advertised online for prices ranging from a few hundred pounds to £2,500.


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