Woman Fears Her New Apartment Is Haunted — Then Realizes Who The Haunter Is


When Christina Farley relocated to her new apartment in Medellín, Colombia, two months ago, she experienced a sense of unease about living alone. Despite her attempts to approach the situation with an open mind, peculiar occurrences within her home led her to believe that her apartment might be haunted.

"After a few days, I started noticing strange happenings. I returned home one day to find all the toilet paper unrolled, as if a mischievous cat had been playing with it. Additionally, a picture frame had fallen down," Farley recounted to The Dodo. "I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched."

That night, Farley went to bed in tears, convinced that a presence lurked nearby. Surprisingly, she was correct, although the visitor in question was not a spirit at all.

A pigeon standing by a window

"A few days later, while I was sitting and working on my laptop, a bird flew in and perched on my TV," Farley explained. "Initially, I was terrified. However, I soon realized that the bird was merely observing me with curiosity, tilting its head from side to side."

Farley allowed the bird a few moments to compose itself before offering it some water. "I filled a bowl with water and extended it to her, and she began drinking," Farley shared. Resuming her daily routine, Farley continued her activities until the bird eventually departed later that day. However, she couldn't shake the persistent feeling of being watched.

A pigeon perching on a chair

The following morning, Farley peered out of her bedroom window and confirmed her suspicions. "As I woke up, I noticed the bird perched on the windowsill, just sitting there," Farley revealed. "This became a daily occurrence."

Since then, the pigeon has faithfully visited Farley every single day. Initially, she would wait for an invitation to enter, but now the bird confidently lets itself inside.

Farley meticulously adorned her apartment, considering only the comfort of her fellow humans. However, Ave María, the bird whom Farley affectionately named, possesses an uncanny ability to create her own cozy sanctuary within the confines of the apartment.

According to Farley, Ave María's preferred perching spots include the television, the bookshelf, and an inexplicable fascination with a drain adjacent to the washing machine. Farley told The Dodo, "She could easily spend an entire day within the confines of my humble abode."

A pigeon in the middle of a living room

Curiously, Farley later discovered that a neighbor residing below her had previously fed the pigeon, yet Ave María had never ventured into his dwelling. "Even though my other neighbors keep their windows wide open, she exhibits no interest in exploring their apartments. It is solely my humble abode that she yearns to enter," Farley pondered. "It is indeed peculiar that she chose me. She simply stumbled upon me, observed my lack of fear, and witnessed my willingness to engage with her. From that moment on, she adopted me as her own."

A pigeon

With Ave María as her steadfast companion, Farley no longer harbors any trepidation about solitude within her apartment. The notion of having roommates once again was never anticipated, yet among all the individuals she has shared a living space with, Ave María undoubtedly reigns supreme.

A woman carrying her pet pigeon

"She graces me with her presence every single day," Farley expressed with a sense of fondness. "She has become my loyal and cherished friend, a constant source of solace and companionship."


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