Meet Dogxim, The World's First Fox-Dog Hybrid


Wildlife enthusiasts worldwide have been left astounded by the remarkable discovery of the world's first-ever fox-dog hybrid in Brazil. Dubbed "dogxim," this extraordinary creature was stumbled upon after being struck by a car in 2021, as reported by Popular Mechanics.

Dogxim, The World's First Dog-Fox Hybrid

The veterinary experts at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul were initially confounded, unable to definitively classify it as either a dog or a fox. Consequently, genetic tests were conducted by a team of diligent scientists, and the results, now published, confirm that this animal is indeed a hybrid of a dog and a fox.

While the precise dog breed of the father remains unknown, the mother has been identified as a pampas fox, as reported by Popular Mechanics. Intriguingly, this unique specimen possesses a chromosomal composition of 76, falling between the average chromosome count of a dog (78) and a pampas fox (74). This genetic amalgamation further emphasizes the exceptional nature of this hybrid creature.

A vet carrying Dogxim, The World's First Dog-Fox Hybrid

The scientific community expressed their astonishment at dogxim's peculiar dietary preferences, as it curiously rejected conventional dog food while readily accepting small rats.

Regrettably, as reported by IFLscience, the hybrid fox-dog met an untimely demise earlier this year due to unknown causes.

Although the idea of hybridization between a dog and a fox may seem like an extraordinary occurrence, these two species are not as genetically dissimilar as one might assume. This is due to the fact that the pampas fox, also known as a "false fox" or "zorro," belongs to a different genus called Lycalopex, which is more closely related to jackals and wolves than to true foxes of the Vulpes genus. Consequently, while the possibility of hybridization between a pampas fox and a canine exists, experts maintain that it remains physically impossible for true foxes and dogs to produce offspring.


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