Over 1,000 Humans Who Identify as Dogs Meet Up in Berlin, Prompt Calls For “Animal Control”

A horde of individuals, who identify themselves as dogs rather than humans, has sparked a clamor for "animal control" following the widespread circulation of a video capturing their bizarre meet-up in Berlin.

Approximately 1,000 people, who prefer to be acknowledged as canines, orchestrated a remarkable gathering at Germany's Berlin Potsamer Platz railroad station. Astonishingly, their sole means of communication was through primal howls and barks exchanged amongst themselves.

dog-identifying humans

This peculiar event has captured the attention of the public, leaving many in awe and prompting concerns about the need for intervention. The sheer magnitude of this gathering, coupled with the unconventional behavior exhibited by these individuals, has ignited a fervent debate about the boundaries of human identity and the role of societal norms.

Online, critics mocked the individuals who identified as trans-species, with some even suggesting cruel tests to challenge their "canine instincts":

"Why not abandon them in the harsh Siberian tundra and see if they can survive solely relying on their supposed canine instincts?"

"I have not observed anyone engaging in the act of sniffing another person's tail."

"Perhaps we should contact animal control and ensure they receive their rabies vaccinations."

"Have you ever considered the logistics of their bodily functions once they all have to defecate?"

"However, it is perplexing that they choose to wear masks if they truly identify as dogs."

The unconventional gathering follows the viral sensation of Toco the human collie. Hailing from Japan, Toco, a man who has dedicated himself to realizing his lifelong ambition of embodying a dog, achieved this by acquiring an astonishingly realistic suit worth $14,000.

Toco the human collie
Toco the human collie

During a recent interview with The Post, Toco expressed his desire to connect with others who share his canine aspirations. "It would be truly remarkable if such a community existed," remarked Toco, who has earned the moniker of a "therian." "I genuinely long to meet individuals who harbor similar dreams."

Other internet-famous hound-human hybrids have emerged, such as Tom Peters, a British individual who boldly proclaimed his identification as a Dalmatian.

Tom Peters the human Dalmatian
Tom Peters the human Dalmatian

Additionally, we have Toru Ueda, a Tokyo engineer who fearlessly invested a staggering $23,000 in a tailor-made wolf suit.

Toru Ueda the human wolf
Toru Ueda the human wolf

In an interview with the UK Times, Ueda, aged 32, passionately expressed, "When I don my extraordinary costume, I transcend the boundaries of mere humanity. I am liberated from the shackles of human relationships. All the burdens and tribulations that plague me in the realm of work and other facets of life simply fade away into oblivion."


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