Girl Raised With Five Dogs Crawls Like Them And Sleeps In Dog Bed

Growing up with pets can provide children with a delightful and fulfilling experience, fostering happiness on a daily basis. A recent video shared on Instagram by Von Jakoba exemplifies this sentiment, as it captures unique moments of her daughter, River, being raised amidst five German Shepherd dogs.

This heartwarming footage evokes memories of The Jungle Book, where a young Mowgli is nurtured by wild animals and emulates their behavior. In a similar vein, the endearing little girl can be observed crawling like a dog and even finding comfort in a dog bed, showcasing the special bond she has forged with her furry companions.

A baby Raised With 5 Dogs

Throughout the video, River playfully splashes water from a dog's bowl, imitating the actions of her canine friends. She adeptly crawls on all fours, mimicking their movements, and even employs her mouth to grasp her toys. In a subsequent clip, she curiously attempts to sample dog food, prompting her vigilant mother to swiftly intervene and remove it from her mouth.

Amusingly, the mother humorously remarks, "I should have named her Mowgli," while the overlay text in the video amusingly states, "My daughter was raised with five dogs, and sometimes I think she believes she's one of them."

a baby crawling with a toy in her mouth

This video serves as a testament to the profound impact that pets can have on a child's development. It highlights the joy and companionship that can be derived from such relationships, as well as the unique ability of animals to shape a child's behavior and perception of the world.

Von Jakoba's Instagram video has become an internet sensation, amassing over 9 million views and leaving viewers utterly captivated. Social media users have been profoundly impressed by Von, commending her for fostering an environment where children can freely engage with animals.

Numerous individuals have expressed their admiration for Von's upbringing, firmly believing that her extraordinary encounters with dogs will contribute to her overall well-being and development into a thriving individual.


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