Can You Own a Pet Pig in Arizona?


Owning a pig as a pet can indeed be a rewarding experience, especially considering their intelligence and trainable nature. However, the laws governing pig ownership in the US raise important considerations. In the state of Arizona, there is no statewide law governing pig ownership.

However, owning a pet pig in this southwestern state can present significant challenges due to the stringent regulations and restrictions imposed by local authorities. Generally, municipal codes classify pigs as livestock and prohibit their ownership in residential areas. However, some local jurisdictions allow residents to keep miniature pigs as pets given that they meet specific criteria. 

This means that the possibility of having a pet pig in Arizona ultimately depends on your place of residence. While some Arizona municipalities embrace the idea of pet pigs, others outright ban them. For example, keeping a pig as a pet is currently not permitted in the City of Surprise, AZ.

Consequently, anyone with a desire to keep a pig as a pet in Arizona must first and foremost check with their local authorities to determine the legality of such a venture. In this article, I have compiled a list of a few Arizona municipalities wherein residents are permitted to keep a pig as a pet.

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But hold your horses, if I don't mention your city, I highly recommend you rustle up your municipal code for the animal ordinance. It's better to be safe than sorry, partner!

So, let's dive into some pig-friendly havens of Arizona.

Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, Arizona, it is prohibited for residents to keep swine, commonly known as pigs, within the city limits. However, there are exceptions for purebred miniature Vietnamese potbelly pigs and other similar purebred miniature pig breeds, including the Göttingen minipig, Juliana pig, and Kunekune.

According to the City's Code of Ordinances, miniature pigs kept as pets within the City must not exceed 125 pounds. In addition, no household may own more than three miniature pigs. Furthermore, Phoenix miniature pig owners must not permit their animals to run at large within the City.

Tucson, AZ

The city of Tucson follows in Phoenix's footsteps by allowing its residents to keep registered purebred miniature Vietnamese potbelly pigs or other similarly registered purebred miniature pigs as pets, subject to specific conditions.

Each household is permitted to have a maximum of three miniature pigs. Furthermore, no miniature pig kept as a pet within the city should exceed a height of 23 inches at the shoulders when in a normal stance.

Gilbert, AZ

In the Town of Gilbert, AZ, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs are classified as exotic animals and are permitted to be kept as pets within the town limits. The Town Code does not place a limit on the number of pot-bellied pigs residents can keep in one household. If you choose to keep the pig as a domestic pet, residing in your home and yard, it is permitted. However, if you treat the pig as a typical farm animal or swine, it will not be allowed within the boundaries of the Town of Gilbert.

Tempe, AZ

The City of Tempe, through its Code of Ordinances, classifies pot-bellied pigs as small animals. The city allows a maximum of 5 small animals to be kept as pets in all residential districts that have single-family dwellings. However, of the 5 small animals, no more than 2 may be pot-bellied pigs. This means that only 2 pot-bellied pigs are allowed per household in Tempe, AZ. Just so you know, keeping small animals, including pot-bellied pigs, in a manner that constitutes a nuisance is prohibited within the city of Tempe.

Goodyear, AZ

In the City of Goodyear, AZ, households are limited to four pets, of which one may be a potbellied pig. Owning more than one potbellied pig is not allowed on any residential property within the City. In addition, a potbellied pig kept as a pet in Goodyear must not exceed 100 pounds, according to the City Code.

Yuma, AZ

The City of Yuma allows residents to keep registered purebred miniature Vietnamese potbellied pigs and other similar registered purebred miniature pigs as pets within its boundaries. A maximum of three miniature pigs are allowed to be kept in a single household within the City. However, it is strictly prohibited by ordinance for any pet miniature pig to exceed 100 pounds in weight.

Casa Grande, AZ

Casa Grande residents are permitted to keep registered purebred miniature Vietnamese potbellied pigs or other similar registered purebred miniature pigs as household pets. However, the City Code does not permit pet miniature pigs to exceed 100 pounds in weight and no more than 3 potbellied pigs are allowed per household.

It is required by law that all potbellied pigs kept as pets in Casa Grande be licensed and registered if over four months of age. Furthermore, pet potbellied pigs must not be allowed to be at large within the City.

Prescott, AZ

The City of Prescott allows its residents to keep potbellied pigs as pets within its limits, subject to specific conditions. A maximum of two miniature pigs is permitted per household, and these pets must not exceed 100 pounds in weight.  Pet pigs must be physically secured within their owner's property and not allowed to roam freely, unless they are under the direct physical control of their owner through the use of a leash or other appropriate restraint.

Furthermore, pet pigs in Prescott, AZ, mustn't be kept in a manner that causes annoyance or disturbance to the peace, comfort, or health of the neighborhood.

Apache Junction, AZ

In Apache Junction, Arizona, residents are permitted to keep miniature pigs as household pets. There are no limitations on the number of mini pigs one can own. However, the City Code strictly prohibits pet pigs from roaming freely. Should a pet pig be found at large, it will be promptly apprehended and impounded by an Enforcement Officer.

Furthermore, owners will be held accountable for any injuries caused to individuals or animals, as well as any property damage resulting from the actions of their potbellied pig while it is at large or under their control.

Kingman, AZ

In the City of Kingman, Arizona, residents are permitted to keep one pot-bellied pig on their residential lot, provided that the lot size is a minimum of 5,000 square feet. For every additional five thousand square feet of lot area, an additional pot-bellied pig is allowed. However, the maximum number of pot-bellied pigs allowed per residence is three.

Florence, AZ

If you reside in the Town of Florence, AZ, and are considering adopting a pet pig, you're in luck. Your town allows for a maximum of three potbellied pigs to be kept as household pets. However, there are a few restrictions you need to be aware of. Pet potbellied pigs in Florence, AZ, must not exceed 100 pounds in weight. Additionally, any potbellied pig over four months of age is required to be registered with the Town.


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