Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Wyoming


In the state of Wyoming, numerous cities have acknowledged the advantages and pleasures of backyard chicken keeping, and have implemented regulations that permit their residents to partake in this practice. By effectively regulating this activity through ordinances that consider local conditions, these cities guarantee a harmonious coexistence in residential areas, while simultaneously fostering self-sufficiency and individual empowerment among their citizens.

A hen and eggs

This article presents a compilation of some Wyoming municipalities that embrace the keeping of chickens within their limits. However, if your city is not mentioned, I highly recommend consulting your local animal ordinance to ascertain whether chicken-keeping is permitted in your community.

Cheyenne, WY

In the city of Cheyenne, WY, chicken keeping is permitted on eligible lots. The City Code defines an eligible lot as any lot that accommodates a maximum of one detached single-family residential dwelling unit, which is occupied by at least one adult as their personal residence. Only female chickens may be kept for egg production on eligible lots. Moreover, chickens are not permitted to be kept on an eligible lot unless written consent is obtained from all owners and adult residents of adjacent lots.

Casper, WY

Raising chickens in the City of Casper is legal without a permit. However, some rules must be adhered to. No more than 6 chickens are allowed to be kept at an occupied single-family residence. Chickens must be provided with a secure, fully enclosed and well-ventilated coop. You may allow your chickens to roam in your backyard during the day, provided there is a 6’ high privacy fence.

Chicken coops or pens should be positioned no less than 6 feet away from the side and rear boundaries of the property. In the case where the property is adjacent to an alley, the setback requirement for the coop or pen is reduced to 3 feet from the alley.

Gillette, WY

The City of Gillette makes it illegal through its animal ordinance for any resident to own any chickens without a current license. Licenses will solely be granted for a verifiable address within the City limits, provided that it complies with the City of Gillette Zoning Ordinance.

The fee for an initial license is $50, and for license renewal, the fee is $15. To apply for the license, the application must include essential information such as the number of chickens and the location and dimensions of the coop.

Laramie, WY

The City of Laramie permits no more than 12 chickens to be kept on any premises. Chicken must be kept in a clean enclosure, which must provide at least nine square feet of living space per chicken. Additionally, chicken enclosures are required to be kept at least 20 feet from all neighboring residences, unless written permission is obtained from the owners of said residences.

Sheridan, WY

In accordance with the regulations set forth by the city of Sheridan, residents are allowed to maintain a maximum of 10 chickens, turkeys, or geese on their residential property, provided that the property spans one acre. The commercial breeding of chickens is strictly prohibited within the city limits.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of all owners to ensure that their chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, or pigeons do not roam freely within the city. Any fowl found wandering without proper containment shall be deemed a nuisance, as per the city's definition and declaration.

Evanston, WY

The City of Evanston permits the keeping of backyard chickens within its jurisdiction. The specific quantity and breed of chickens that residents can own are not regulated by the city's Code of Ordinances. However, the city code strictly prohibits chickens from roaming freely within the City. Furthermore, the law prohibits keeping chickens in a manner that disrupts the tranquility of the neighborhood.

Riverton, WY

The city of Evanston has established guidelines for keeping chickens and/or ducks within its city limits. To ensure a harmonious coexistence, certain requirements must be met. Firstly, the number of poultry allowed on any premises is limited. A maximum of 12 chickens or 8 ducks, or a combination of both not exceeding 12, can be kept by any owner.

Respecting the privacy and comfort of neighboring residences is of utmost importance. Therefore, chicken enclosures must be positioned at least 15 feet away from property lines. However, if the owners of adjacent residences provide written consent, this requirement can be waived.

To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, the presence of roosters (male chickens) and drakes (male ducks) is not permitted within Evanston's city limits. Furthermore, chicken coops and outdoor enclosures must be maintained in a sanitary condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to ensure the area remains free from offensive odors.

Powell, WY

In the City of Powell, Wyoming, residents are allowed to keep a maximum of four chickens per lot, upon obtaining an annual permit priced at $5. However, the keeping of roosters is strictly prohibited. These regulations are in accordance with the City's Code of Ordinances.

To ensure the harmonious coexistence of residents, it is required that chicken enclosures be positioned at a minimum distance of three feet from property lines. Additionally, if there is a residential structure on an adjacent property, the chicken enclosure must be situated at least 25 feet away from it.

Other Wyoming Municipalities That Allow Backyard Chickens

  • Lander, WY: A fowl permit is required to keep chickens
  • Douglas, WY: A permit is not required to keep hens
  • Torrington, WY: Chicken at large—Prohibited
  • Mills, WY: A maximum of 6 hens allowed
  • Wheatland, WY: Chickens must not become a nuisance
  • Newcastle, WY: A permit is not required to keep chickens
  • Bar Nunn, WY: A maximum of 5 egg-laying hens allowed
  • Evansville, WY: Hens, ducks, or geese in any combination not exceeding 6
  • Kemmerer, WY: 6 female chickens permitted per premise
  • Glenrock, WY: A Special Animal Use Permit is not required to keep chickens
  • Lyman, WY: No permit is needed to keep 6 hens


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