Can You Own a Pet Pig in Ohio?


In the state of Ohio, it is legal to own a pet pig, however, there are certain regulations and restrictions in place. While pigs are not defined or specifically prohibited as pets by Ohio state law, many local ordinances may have restrictions on owning them. For example, while some counties or municipalities require residents to obtain a special license or permit to keep a pig as a pet, others ban pig ownership.

Additionally, there might be guidelines regarding the size and weight limit of pigs allowed in residential areas. So, whether or not you can have a pet pig in Ohio depends on where you live. As a prospective owner, you need to research and fully understand your local regulations before acquiring a pet pig in Ohio.

Two mini pigs

Meanwhile, I have compiled a list of a few Ohio municipalities that allow the keeping of pigs as pets. Perhaps your city is among them. However, if it is not, I recommend reaching out to your local authorities who specialize in animal-related laws. They will be able to provide you with accurate information and guidance.

Columbus, OH

In Columbus, OH, pigs are classified among domestic animals that require a permit to be kept as pets. The permit requirement is in place to protect the health and safety of the community as well as the welfare of animals within the city limits.

The application for the permit necessitates several items, including, but not limited to, plans and/or photographs providing detailed information on how the pig will be caged or confined. Additionally, a written document outlining the proper handling and care of the pig is required, along with an initial property inspection conducted by Columbus Public Health.

Cleveland, OH

The City of Cleveland, Ohio, allows its residents to own pigs in both Residential and Non-Residential Districts, subject to specific conditions within the city.

In Residential Districts, a parcel of land must be at least 24,000 square feet in area in order to accommodate a maximum of 2 pigs. For each additional 2,400 square feet of area, one more pig is allowed. However, parcels of land with an area of less than 24,000 square feet are not permitted to keep pigs.

Similarly, in Non-Residential Districts, there are specific guidelines regarding pig ownership. In this case, a parcel of land with an area of 14,400 square feet or less is allowed to have a maximum of 2 pigs. For each additional 1,200 square feet of area, one more pig is permitted.

Toledo, OH

The City of Toledo mandates, through its Code of Ordinances, that individuals seeking to own a pig must obtain a written permit from the Commissioner of Health. This permit is necessary to legally keep a pig within city limits. However, it is worth noting that the Commissioner of Health holds the authority to revoke the permit at any given time. Once the permit is granted, the pig must be confined to the owner's premises.

Akron, OH

If you are a resident of Akron, OH, and have been contemplating the idea of bringing a pet pig into your home, you are in luck. Fortunately, your City permits the keeping of one miniature potbellied pig in single-family dwellings. However, there are specific requirements that must be met in order to ensure compliance.

Firstly, miniature potbellied pigs are to be kept solely as pets and not for human consumption. Additionally, the maximum weight allowed for a pet miniature potbellied pig is 65 pounds. Should the weight exceed this limit, it is necessary to remove the pig from your premises.

When your pet miniature pig is outside of your property, it must be securely leashed by a responsible person. The leash should not exceed six feet in length. Furthermore, miniature potbellied pigs are to be kept exclusively as house pets and should not be confined to an outside pen.

In the event that your pet miniature potbellied pig becomes a nuisance or poses a health problem, the Director of Neighborhood Assistance holds the authority to order the removal of the pig from the city.

Dayton, OH

In Dayton, Ohio, residents are permitted to own pet pigs, as long as these animals do not cause any disturbances. The City Code strictly prohibits pigs from roaming freely or causing any disruptions that may affect the peace, comfort, or well-being of individuals residing within the city.

Middletown, OH

In the city of Middletown, Ohio, it is permissible to own a pet pig, as long as the animal is kept exclusively indoors. However, if circumstances necessitate keeping the pig outdoors, it is essential to adhere to the regulations outlined in the Middletown Code. According to these regulations, the pig must be kept at a distance of over 300 feet from any inhabited dwelling, excluding the owner's residence.

Newark, OH

Owning a pet pig within the City of Newark entails certain obligations. As per the City Code, a minimum of two acres of land is mandatory for pig ownership within the city limits. Furthermore, pet pigs that are kept outdoors must maintain a distance of at least 600 yards from any dwelling within the corporate limits. Nevertheless, you will not encounter any difficulties if you choose to keep your pig indoors at all times.

Marion, OH

In the City of Marion, Ohio, only pot-bellied pigs are permitted as pets, while other species of pigs are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, no more than two pot-bellied pigs may be kept at a single residence. It is worth noting that the City Code strictly prohibits the keeping of animals in a manner that is deemed noisome, filthy, or offensive. Such conditions render the place where the animal is kept detrimental to the health and comfort of individuals residing or working in the vicinity.

Other Ohio Municipalities That Allow Pet Pigs

  • Gahanna, OH
  • Fairborn, OH
  • Stow, OH
  • Westlake, OH: 2 acres of land is required to own pigs
  • Massillon, OH: Pet pigs must be kept 200 feet from neighboring structures
  • North Royalton, OH
  • Kent, OH: A permit is required to own pigs
  • Avon Lake: OH
  • Perrysburg, OH: Only pot-bellied pigs allowed
  • Barberton, OH
  • Solon, OH
  • Chillicothe, OH: 5 acres of land is required to own pigs
  • Lebanon, OH
  • Alliance, OH


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