Nala Cat: Instagram's Most Famous Feline

Nala the cat has taken the internet by storm and has become the most followed pet on Instagram. However, her journey to fame was not an easy one. Nala was just one of many cats and kittens in a home where the owners could no longer take care of them. She was then taken to a California shelter where she was separated from her original family. Despite the sad fate of the other cats and kittens, Nala was lucky enough to be adopted by Varisiri Mathachittiphan and given a forever home in 2011.

Nala the cat

Nala's story is a testament to the power of adoption and the impact it can have on a pet's life. When Varisiri and her friend were planning on adopting a cat, they weren't prepared to take one home right away. However, fate had other plans when Nala, then just an unknown kitten in the shelter, caught Varisiri's attention. Nala's affectionate nature and loving personality won Varisiri over, and Nala knew she was going to her forever home when she licked Varisiri's face. From shelter cat to social media star, Nala's story is one of hope and perseverance.

Health Issues

Varisiri never thought she would adopt a kitten that day, but her life changed the moment she saw Nala. It was an instant connection that couldn't be ignored. However, she soon discovered that adopting a shelter cat came with its own set of challenges. Nala had breathing issues and infections that needed to be treated. It was heartbreaking to see the adorable kitten sneezing uncontrollably. But with a lot of love, attention, and medication, Nala made a full recovery and grew up to be healthy and strong.

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, and adopting a shelter cat can come with some unique challenges. Varisiri learned this firsthand when she brought Nala home. Despite her initial health issues, Nala's recovery was a testament to the power of care and love. As Nala grew up, it was clear that her legs didn't develop quite as expected, but that didn't stop her from being a happy and energetic cat. Varisiri's experience is a reminder that even though adopting a shelter cat can be challenging, it is ultimately a rewarding and life-changing experience for both the pet and the owner.

What Breed is Nala Cat?

Nala the Cat is a unique blend of two distinct feline breeds, the Siamese and Persian. Her breed is known as Himalayan, a type of Persian Siamese Mix which is famous for its bright blue eyes and thick color-point coats. While some cat registries classify Himalayans as a separate breed, others view them as either a long-haired sub-breed of Siamese or a color point sub-breed of Persian. Regardless of their classification, Himalayan cats like Nala are adored for their striking beauty and unique characteristics.

Most Famous Cat on Instagram

Nala the cat and her owner Varisiri Mathachittiphan

Varisiri started Nala's Instagram account in 2012 with the intention of sharing her cat's photos and videos with her loved ones back home. She never could have imagined that Nala would become such a sensation on the platform. Over the years, Nala has partnered with major brands and amassed a massive following of 4.5 million on Instagram, making her the most followed cat on the platform. Additionally, she has almost three million Facebook followers and even set a Guinness World Record for being the most famous cat on Instagram in 2020.

Nala's Instagram account has become a prime example of how social media can turn a simple idea into a massive success. What started as a way for Varisiri to keep her family and friends up-to-date with Nala's adventures has turned into a full-blown business venture. Nala's popularity has opened the door to partnerships with major brands, providing Varisiri with a new source of income. In addition to her business success, Nala's fame has also earned her a spot in the Guinness World Records, cementing her place in social media history.

The Guinness World Record Title

Nala Cat and her Guinness World Record Certificate

Varisiri's childhood dream came true when her beloved pet cat, Nala, was featured in the 2020 Guinness World Records book. The excitement and joy that overwhelmed her and her family was a testament to the impact that Nala had on their lives. The Guinness World Records title changed Nala’s life in so many ways, giving her bragging rights and a sense of pride that she displays at home. Varisiri is now being asked to bring the record with her to interviews, making it the biggest achievement she and her cat have made to date.

Nala, the adorable cat, is more than just a Guinness World Record holder. She is a symbol of hope, love, and happiness for Varisiri's family. Adopting Nala from a shelter was a selfless act of kindness that brought many blessings to their lives. Nala taught them to be better people and inspired them to dedicate their lives to helping animals in need. By rescuing Nala, Varisiri didn't realize that she would be the one saving her and her family. The impact that Nala has had on their lives is immeasurable, and they will forever be grateful for the lessons she taught them.

Nala Cat's Net Worth

In January 2023, Nala the cat from California, United States reached new heights by becoming the richest cat in the world with a net worth of $100 million. Despite her newfound wealth, Nala is just like any other cat, spending her days sleeping and making amusing gestures around the house. Her wealth is primarily attributed to her Instagram page, where she earns a staggering $14,419 per post from sponsored ads. Apart from Instagram, she also has a significant following on Facebook and TikTok, which could potentially earn her even more income.

Nala cat and her owner Varisiri

Nala's rise to fame and fortune is a testament to the power of social media. Her Instagram page has become a sensation among cat lovers worldwide and has led to various brand endorsements and partnerships. Her popularity has also allowed her to launch her own cat food brand, Love Nala, which has further increased her net worth. Despite her success, Nala remains a humble feline, spending her days doing what cats do best. With her current net worth, Nala has secured her place in history as one of the wealthiest animals to have ever lived.

Nala Cat's Siblings

Varisiri and Shannon Ellis are not your average pet owners. In addition to their beloved Nala Cat, they have a whole menagerie of internet-famous pets. Five other cats, Stella and Steve, Coffee aka Mr. White, Luna Rose, and Apollo, and a dog named Spencer are all beloved members of their family, and their fame has turned their owners into full-time pet influencers. It's amazing to see how much love and joy these animals bring into the world, and how their online presence has given Varisiri and Ellis a new career path.

Varisiri's Advice To Pet Owners

Nala Cat and her owner Varisiri have a message to share with the world about the harsh reality of animal shelters. Kittens and puppies are innocent and rely solely on their humans for care. Unfortunately, the staggering overpopulation of shelters leads to the euthanization of 75% of these animals. This is why it's crucial to spay or neuter your pets and prevent unwanted litters. It's heartbreaking to see these helpless animals suffer due to human negligence, but there's something we can all do to help.

It's not just overpopulation that's the problem, but also the issue of irresponsible pet ownership. Some people only want a cute kitten or puppy in the beginning but then neglect them later on. Varisiri advises against adopting an animal just because it's cute; it's important to be committed to giving them a loving home for their entire life. These animals deserve better than to be abandoned or mistreated. By adopting responsibly and providing a happy home, you can make a positive impact on the lives of these innocent creatures.

Nala Cat Products

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