Can You Own a Pet Pig in The State of Georgia?


Pigs are intelligent animals that can be trained like dogs and taught basic tricks. While keeping pigs as pets has become a trend, it has also led to an unfortunate increase in the number of pet pigs being surrendered to rescues due to their complex needs. In the state of Georgia, pigs are allowed in agricultural areas, but urban areas usually have restrictions on keeping them as pets. Therefore, it is crucial for those living in Georgia's urban areas to check their local animal ordinances before considering a pet pig. For those interested, some cities in Georgia State do allow residents to have pet pigs, as listed in this article.

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Atlanta, GA

If you're a resident of Atlanta and looking for a unique pet that's allowed within the city limits, you might consider a miniature potbellied pig! While keeping hogs or pigs is prohibited by city ordinance, this exception means that you can enjoy the company of a mini pig without fear of breaking the law. These little pigs are known for their intelligence, affectionate personalities, and small size, making them a great choice for urban pet owners. Just be sure to do your research before bringing one home, as they do require proper care and attention.

Augusta-Richmond County, GA

In Augusta-Richmond County, GA, owning a pig may require some extra steps. Pigs are classified as livestock, and residents need to obtain a permit from the Board of Health before keeping one as a pet. This is due to an animal ordinance that prohibits residents from keeping pigs in the Urban Services District without permission. Additionally, pigs and other livestock are not allowed to roam on public roads or any property that does not belong to their owner. Overall, the regulations aim to ensure the safety and well-being of both the pigs and the community.

Macon-Bibb County, GA

Macon-Bibb County, GA has strict regulations when it comes to raising pigs on one's property. According to Sec. 12-222 of the animal ordinance, it is prohibited to keep pigs on the premises unless the area where they roam is at least 300 feet away from the nearest property line. However, this minimum distance can be reduced, provided that no part of the pig's accessible area is less than 300 feet away from another person's occupied dwelling house or business establishment. Additionally, individuals are not allowed to own or keep more than one pig without written permission from the board. It is therefore important for pig owners in Macon-Bibb County to abide by these rules to avoid any legal repercussions.

Savannah, GA

In Savannah, Georgia, owning pigs is allowed within certain limits. The number of pigs a person is allowed to keep depends on the size of their property. For instance, one pig is permitted for every 1,000 square feet of land, up to a maximum of 10 pigs on a minimum parcel size of 2 acres. However, if a person can provide appropriate facilities and care, the minimum parcel size may be waived. Interestingly, miniature pot-bellied pigs are an exception, and up to three of them can be kept on any parcel. It's fascinating to see how the city accommodates pig owners while also maintaining a balance in the community.

Athens-Clarke County, GA

Athens-Clarke County in Georgia permits pigs as livestock within its limits. However, owners must ensure that their animals do not run at large or stray from their property or onto another person's premises. The county code also mandates that domestic animals must have adequate shelter from the elements, designed to protect them from adverse weather conditions. The shelter must be of sufficient size to allow animals to move comfortably and appropriately for their age, size, and health.

South Fulton, GA

South Fulton, a city that is open to unique living arrangements, allows its residents to keep pigs under certain conditions. In order to maintain the health and cleanliness of the city, pig enclosures must be well-drained and free from any accumulation of animal excrement or objectionable odors. The enclosure must also provide a minimum of 150 square feet of space per pig and be kept 900 feet away from any occupied building. Moreover, the city limits the maximum number of pigs that can be kept on a single premise to 10, ensuring a balance between urban living and animal husbandry.

Sandy Springs, GA

In Sandy Springs, GA, residents are permitted to own up to ten pigs, but there are certain conditions that must be met. The pigs must be kept at least 900 feet away from neighboring residences, and their enclosure must be well-drained, clean, and free from objectionable odors and animal excrement. However, these conditions do not apply to areas that are zoned for agriculture. It is important for residents to be mindful of these regulations in order to ensure that their pig ownership remains in compliance with local laws.

Thunderbolt, GA

Thunderbolt, a town in Chatham County, GA, has unique guidelines for pet pig ownership. Pot belly pigs are allowed to be kept as pets within the town limits, but only if they are kept for the sole purpose of providing human companionship and are maintained as house pets. The pigs must be spayed or neutered and visit a veterinarian at least once a year. Additionally, they cannot exceed 130 pounds in weight or 25 inches in height at the shoulder. When outside, they must be kept at least 25 feet away from any neighbor's main residence. Owners are responsible for correcting any nuisance caused by their pet pig. These guidelines ensure responsible ownership and happy companionship for both owners and their pot belly pigs.

Brookhaven, GA

Brookhaven, a city in north DeKalb County, GA, has a unique ordinance that permits residents to keep potbellied pigs as pets. However, there are strict rules that must be followed. Only one pig is allowed, and it cannot weigh more than 200 pounds. Additionally, the pigs can only be kept in single-family homes or detached residential units. To ensure the safety and well-being of the animals, the ordinance also requires that the pigs be spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Overall, while Brookhaven residents can enjoy the companionship of a potbellied pig, they must do so responsibly and in compliance with the law.

Douglas County, GA

The Douglas County Code lays out strict guidelines for animal ownership within the county. According to the code, it is illegal for any individual who owns or controls pigs or any other type of animal to allow them to run freely or become a threat or disturbance to others in the community. This regulation ensures that the animals are kept under control and do not pose a danger to the public at large.

Canton, GA

In Canton, GA, pigs are considered livestock and are subject to specific housing requirements outlined in the City Code. These regulations mandate that pigs, like all livestock, must be adequately fed and watered, and confined within a secure fenced enclosure. The enclosure itself must be well-maintained and constructed to prevent any average-sized livestock animal from escaping and potentially causing harm to people or property. As such, owners of pigs or any other livestock are responsible for any damage, accidents, or injuries that may occur as a result of inadequate housing or confinement.


In conclusion, owning a pet pig is legal in many cities in the state of Georgia, as long as certain regulations are followed. However, it is important to research and understand local ordinances and zoning laws before bringing a pig into a residential area.


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