How Many Dogs or Cats Can You Own in Montana?


Montana does not have a statewide law dictating the number of pets residents can keep in their houses. However, at the local level, there are ordinances regarding the number of animals a resident can own. These ordinances are in place in each Montana municipality to ensure the welfare of animals and to reduce noise disturbances, though it takes only one animal to create a noise disturbance.

A cat and a dog together

This means that the maximum number of dogs or cats you can own in the Treasure State depends on the city or county wherein you reside. Most municipalities in Montana allow a maximum of 2 dogs and 2 cats per household. Check your local laws to find out about the pet ownership limit in your municipality if you are considering adding more furry friends to your family in Montana. Meanwhile, below are some Montana cities and the number of dogs and cats allowed per residence therein.

Billings, MT

The City of Billings allows residents to own 3 dogs and/or cats. A resident wishing to own more than 3 dogs or cats in Billings, MT, must obtain a small animal permit to do so. The issuance of the permit is subject to regulation and inspection by the animal control officer or the health department. In Billings, MT, it is unlawful to keep a cat or dog that unreasonably annoys or disturbs neighbors by continuous and habitual barking, howling, yelping, whining or other noise.

Every dog and cat 3 months old or older in Billings must be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian and registered. Wolfdogs are restricted in Billings, MT.

Missoula, MT

In Missoula County, MT, each household is limited to 2 dogs and more than 2 cats. However, Missoula Code makes it unlawful for residents to own two or more unaltered opposite-sex cats. In addition, all cats kept outdoors in Missoula must be spayed or neutered. Missoula Code requires that all dogs and cats over 3 months of age be vaccinated against rabies.

All dogs 4 months old or older are required to be licensed in Missoula. To own more than 2 dogs in Missoula, you need to obtain a multiple-dog permit. Dogs must be on leash in all Missoula areas except on City Conservation Lands including some areas on Mount Sentinel, North Hills, Mount Jumbo, Tower St, Jacob Island Dog Park, and Kim Williams Trail.

Great Falls, MT

The Montana City of Great Falls allows residents to keep no more than 2 cats and 2 dogs on their premises. Any resident wishing to exceed this limit must obtain a multiple animal permit, which is subject to a facility inspection by an Animal Control Officer. Great Falls Code requires that all dogs and cats be registered with the city and either collared or microchipped. Furthermore, Great Falls has a leash law requiring all dogs to be kept on a leash not more than 10 feet long.

Bozeman, MT

The City of Bozeman in Gallatin County, Montana, limits each household to 2 dogs and 2 cats. A resident wishing to own more than two dogs or cats in Bozeman, MT, must first obtain a kennel license from the chief of police, who shall investigate the premises where the animals are intended to be kept. All dogs and cats living in Bozeman must be vaccinated against rabies and registered with the city. 

Furthermore, Bozeman pet owners are required by law to promptly remove and properly dispose of any feces left by their dog or cat on any public or private property within the city. This cleaning up after animals law, however, does not apply to service animals authorized under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Butte, MT

Butte-Silver Bow County Code does not place a limit on the number of dogs or cats residents can own. This means that you may own as many dogs or cats as you can properly care for if you live in the City of Butte, Montana. However, Butte has a "Noisy animal" law that prohibits pet owners from permitting their cat or dog to unreasonably annoy or disturb the neighborhood by its continuous and habitual barking, howling, yelping, whining or other noise.

Helena, MT

The City of Helena permits no more than 2 dogs and 2 cats per residence. A multiple animal license is required to own more than two dogs or cats in Helena, Montana. All dogs, cats, or ferrets over the age of three months living within the city of Helena must have a valid rabies vaccination. In addition, all dogs in Helena are required by law to be licensed. 

In Helena, MT, it is unlawful for a pet owner to allow his or her dog to make noise continuously (for longer than 30 minutes), on three separate occasions, over a seven-day period. When not confined within an enclosure or on the owner's property, a dog must be on a leash of ten feet or less that is held by a person physically able to control the dog.

Kalispell, MT

In the City of Kalispell, the maximum number of dogs allowed per household is 4. The City Code does not dictate the number of cats a resident can own, meaning you can own as many cats as can properly care if you reside in the Montana City of Kalispell. Kalispell has a Barking law that prohibits pet owners from allowing their dogs to unreasonably annoy or disturb any persons within the City limits by undue barking or howling.

In addition, Kalispell has a dangerous or aggressive dog law that requires dangerous or aggressive dog owners within the City limits to register their aggressive canines as such and comply with all restraint requirements. A dog will be declared dangerous or aggressive by the Kalispell Municipal Court if it causes bodily injury to a human being; or bites or kills a domestic animal without provocation while off its owner’s property.

Other Montana municipalities

  • Belgrade, MT: Limits each household to 2 dogs and/or 2 cats
  • Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, MT: 3 pets per household
  • Livingston, MT: 2 dogs and no more than 2 unaltered cats
  • Miles City, MT: 3 dogs per household. No limit on cats
  • Laurel, MT: 2 dogs and 2 cats per household in residential districts
  • Polson, MT: Four cats and three dogs


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