How Many Dogs or Cats Can You Own in Nevada?


The maximum number of cats or dogs you can own in the state of Nevada depends on the city, town, or county wherein you reside, as the Silver State has no statewide laws regulating the number of pets residents can own. Most municipalities in Nevada limit households to a total of 3 cats and 3 dogs.

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Anyone wishing to exceed this limit in some of these municipalities must first obtain a kennel license. If you live in the state of Nevada and are considering owning more than three dogs or cats, you might want to check your local animal laws to make sure you are in compliance with them. Meanwhile, below are some Nevada municipalities and the maximum number of cats and dogs allowed per household therein.

Las Vegas, NV

In the City of Las Vegas, residents are allowed no more than 3 dogs and three cats per household. However, according to the Clark County government website, Las Vegas residents may obtain a "Pet Fancier's Permit" to own up to 6 adult dogs and 10 adult cats. All dogs and cats in Las Vegas are required to be microchipped, vaccinated for rabies, and sterilized by 4 months of age. All pets living within the City limits of Las Vegas are required by law to be restrained to the property of the owner, or on a leash. 

In addition, Clark County Code requires the places where dogs, cats, and other domestic animals are kept to be clean and free from offensive odors, animal waste, or any other offensive or unwholesome conditions.

Henderson, NV

The City of Henderson permits a maximum of 3 dogs and 3 cats per residence without a permit. In addition to dogs and cats, you may also keep 3 ferrets and 3 rabbits as pets at your Henderson residence. If you wish to own more than 3 cats and 3 dogs in Henderson, NV, you may apply for a pet fancier permit, which, if granted, will allow you to own up to 5 adult spayed/neutered dogs and cats. Henderson Code requires that all dogs, cats, as well as ferrets be vaccinated against rabies and licensed.

City of North Las Vegas, NV

The City of North Las Vegas limits each residence to 3 cats, 3 dogs, and 3 ferrets. If you wish to exceed this limit in North Las Vegas, you need to first obtain dog and cat fancier permits from the Animal Protection Services Division. North Las Vegas Municipal Code requires that all dogs and cats living within the city limits be vaccinated against rabies, spayed or neutered, licensed, and wear the license tag at all times.

Reno, NV

The City of Reno in Washoe County, Nevada, permits residents to keep up to three dogs and seven cats in their homes without a permit. However, a 'Variance Permit' is required to have more than 3 dogs or 7 cats within your residence in Reno, NV.

Carson City, NV

In Carson City, Nevada, it is illegal to own more than 3 dogs and 3 cats without first obtaining a permit. Carson City has dangerous/vicious laws that pet owners need to know. A dog shall be deemed dangerous by a Carson City municipal court judge if, without provocation, it behaves menacingly toward a human being or another animal while off the premises of its owner or keeper on two separate occasions within 18 months. On the other hand, a dog shall be deemed vicious in Carson City if it kills or inflicts substantial bodily harm upon a human being or another domestic animal without provocation.

It shall be unlawful and a misdemeanor offense for a Carson City resident to keep a vicious dog for more than 3 days after actually noticing that the dog is vicious. In addition, it is unlawful for a dog owner to transfer ownership of his or her vicious dog to another person after actually noticing that the dog is vicious.

Nye County, NV

Nye County Code allows any combination of dogs and cats not exceeding 10 per property, provided that the property owner obtains a multi-pet permit. This requirement, however, is not effective in the Town of Pahrump, meaning Pahrump residents do not need a permit to own a total of 6 to ten 10 dogs and cats. All dogs and cats in Nye County are required by law to be licensed.

Douglas County, NV

In Douglas County, Nevada, a permit is required to own more than 3 dogs. The County Code does not place a limit on the number of cats a resident can own, meaning you can own as many cats as you can properly care for if you reside in any location in Douglas County. In fact, cats are recognized as free-roaming animals in Douglas County, Nevada, and are not required to be confined within their owner's property. In Douglas County, Nevada, it is unlawful for a pet owner to permit his or her dog to constantly bark, cry, or how for 30 minutes or more in 24 hours, or sporadically for 60 minutes or more in a 24-hour period.

Fernley, NV

The City of Fernley in Lyon County, Nevada, limits each household to 3 dogs and an unlimited number of cats. You may own three dogs and as many cats as you can care for in the City of Fernley so long as the animals do not constitute a nuisance by loud and frequent barking, yelping, meowing or other noise, according to the City Code.

Other Nevada Municipalities

  • Mesquite, NV: Up to 5 dogs and 5 cats
  • Elko, NV: Three dogs or three cats
  • Boulder City, NV: 3 pets per household
  • Fallon, NV: 3 dogs per residence. No limit on cats
  • Winnemucca, NV: Three dogs per household. No limit on cats
  • West Wendover, NV: Up to 5 dogs or cats per household
  • Ely, NV: 2 Dogs per household in residential areas. No limit on cats
  • Yerington, NV: No more than 3 dogs. No limit on cats
  • Mineral County, NV: 2 dogs and 2 cats
  • Carlin, NV: Up to 6 dogs with a permit. No limit on cats

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