How Many Dogs and Cats Can You Own in Saskatchewan, Canada


The maximum number of dogs and cats you can keep at your residence in the province of Saskatchewan depends on your municipality's bylaws. In this article, we will look at the maximum number of pets allowed per household in some Saskatchewan municipalities.

A Labradoodle and a Persian cat


The City of Saskatoon's Animal Control Bylaw does not place a limit on the number of cats or dogs a resident can keep in his or her house. However, the City's bylaw does state that the maximum number of dogs allowed in an off-leash area within the City is four dogs per owner.

Pet owners in Saskatoon must have their cats and dogs licensed and have them wear a collar that displays the license tag. Dogs and cats are not permitted to be at large in the city. Owners are required to always have their dog on a leash in any place that is not designated as an off-leash area. Furthermore, Saskatoon pet owners must not allow their dogs to become a nuisance.

In Saskatoon, a dog is deemed to constitute a nuisance if it:
  • Attacks a person or another animal
  • Is found chasing or threatening a person or another animal
  • Is found biting, barking at, or chasing livestock, bicycles or motor vehicles
  • Is barking or howling excessively
  • Is found causing damage to property
  • Is found far away from its owner

If you are traveling with your dog or cat in a vehicle, you must properly restrain your pet in a manner that will prevent it from falling from the vehicle or causing hazards to the safe operation of other vehicles. These are just some of the laws that pertain to keeping pets in Saskatoon.


The City of Regina's bylaw does not regulate the number of dogs and cats a resident can keep, meaning you can have as many dogs and cats as you can properly care for if you live in the City of Regina. However, there are other pet laws you must comply with. To begin with, all dogs living in the city of Regina must be licensed and wear a collar to which the license tag is attached. A pet owner must not allow his or her pet to be at large in the city. All non-sterilized female dogs or cats must always be kept indoors during the period the animal is in heat.

Prince Albert

In the City of Prince Albert, residents are allowed no more than 5 pets per household. You can either have 3 dogs and 2 cats or the opposite. However, the number of dogs you can keep on your property in the City of Prince Albert is capped at 3. The City requires that pet owners have their dogs and cats licensed and prevent them from chasing, biting or injuring people or other animals.

It is illegal for pet owners to leave their cat or dog unattended in a vehicle. Pet owners must immediately remove feces deposited by their dog or cat on public or private property within the city limits on Prince Albert. It is illegal to abandon a pet in the city of Prince Albert. Furthermore, teasing or throwing things at a confined animal is prohibited in Prince Albert. Any pet owner who violates any of these orders will be subject to a fine, according to the City’s new Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.


The City of Lloydminster allows no more than 5 pets per household. You may either keep 2 cats and 3 dogs or any combination of the two animals. All dogs and cats living in Lloydminster must be licensed. Pet owners are required by law to prevent their cat or dog from running at large or creating a nuisance in the City, according to the city's bylaw.

Other Cities

  • Yorkton: Permits no more than 3 dogs and 5 cats per household
  • Swift Current: Permits a maximum of 3 dogs. No limit on cats
  • Estevan: Permits 3 dogs or 3 cats per household
  • Weyburn: Allows no more than 3 pets per household
  • Melfort: Allows a maximum of 3 dogs. No limit on cats
  • Meadow Lake: Allows a maximum of 4 dogs per household. No limit on cats
  • Melville: Permits no more than 5 pets per household
  • Warman: Allows a maximum of 5 pets per household
  • La Ronge: Permits 3 cats and/or 3 dogs per household
  • Maple Creek: Allows no more than 2 pets per household


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