How Many Dogs and Cats Can You Own in Alberta, Canada?


What is the maximum number of cats and dogs allowed per household in the Canadian province of  Alberta? While the province of Alberta does not place a limit on the number of pets residents can own, cities in Alberta have the authority to enact their own bylaws. In other words, the maximum number of pets you can own in Alberta, Canada, depends on the municipality in which you reside. So, in this article, we will look at the maximum number of dogs and cats allowed per residence in a few Alberta cities.

A Maine Coon and a German Shepherd

1. Calgary

In the City of Calgary, residents are allowed to keep no more than 6 dogs and 6 cats in their houses, which, in my humble opinion, I think is enough for any cat or dog lover. However, if you wish to own more than 6 dogs or 6 cats in your Calgary home, a special permit will be required. A maximum of 6 dogs is allowed to be walked off-leash by a resident at one time in the City of Calgary.

According to Calgary's current bylaws, cat and dog owners must not allow their pets to bark, howl, or make noise that disturbs the peace of neighbors. In addition, Calgary pet owners are prohibited by the current bylaw from allowing their dogs to chase, bite, or bark at stock animals, bicycles, automobiles or other vehicles.

2. Edmonton

Currently, residents in Edmonton can not have more than 6 cats and 3 dogs in their houses. Edmonton's bylaw, which promotes responsible pet ownership, requires that all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months living within the City limits have an up-to-date license. Spaying or neutering your pets is highly recommended, but not legislated in the City of Edmonton. It is required by law that Edmonton dog and cat owners clean up after their pets while in public areas. Failure to comply with this law will result in a $100 fine.

The City of Edmonton is pet-friendly and understands that barking is natural for dogs when they are lonely or bored or want to alert their owners of something. However, the City advises pet owners to make sure their dogs don't make excessive barking noises that can disturb and upset their neighbors.

3. Red Deer

The City of Red Deer allows a maximum of 3 cats and 3 dogs per household. Red Deer's bylaw requires that all dogs living within the City be licensed and the license be renewed each year. The City recommends that all cats be spayed and neutered and wears identification tags so owners can easily be identified.‌ In addition, cat owners must not allow their felines to run at large in the City or else they may be trapped and taken to Alberta Animal Services. If a cat is found running at large or damaging private or public property, the owner will be fined $30 for the first offense and $60 for the second offense.

When off their owner's property, all dogs in Red Deer must be on a leash while in public places except in off-leash dog parks. In addition, Red Deer dog owners must give their canines less reason to bark with proper exercise, training, and socialization. Furthermore, dog owners in Red Deer are required to carry a dog waste bag and immediately scoop the poop deposited by their dogs on public properties.

4. Lethbridge

In the City of Lethbridge, a maximum of 2 dogs is allowed per household. However, residents may own up to four dogs after obtaining a "Dog Fancier’s License." All dogs aged 6 months and older are to be registered with the City of Lethbridge. Unlicensed dog owners in Lethbridge will be subject to fines starting at $150.

The City does not place a limit on the number of cats residents can keep in their houses, meaning Lethbridge residents can own as many cats as they can properly care for.

5. Strathcona County

The maximum number of dogs you can own in Strathcona County, Alberta, depends on your property size. A maximum of 3 dogs is allowed in residences of five acres or less while a maximum of 5 dogs can be kept in residences over five acres, per the City's responsible dog ownership bylaw. However, a resident may obtain an over-limit permit to own more dogs.

All dogs residing in Strathcona County must be licensed and must not be allowed to run at large. Furthermore, Strathcona County dog owners must not allow their dogs to bark continuously for more than an hour within 100 meters of another residence and more than fifteen minutes between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

You can have as many cats as you can care for if you reside in Strathcona County, Alberta.

Maximum Number of Dogs and Cats Allowed Per Household in Other Alberta Municipalities

  • Airdrie: Allows 3 cats and 3 dogs per household
  • Wood Buffalo: Allows 4 pets per household
  • Grande Prairie: Allows a maximum of 4 dogs. No limit on cats
  • St. Albert: Allows no more than 3 dogs per household. No limit on cats
  • Medicine Hat: Allows 3 dogs and 6 cats per household
  • Parkland County: Allows a maximum of 4 household pets (dogs or cats)
  • Rocky View County: Allows 3 dogs per household. No limit on cats
  • Leduc: Allows 3 dogs and 3 cats per household
  • Okotoks: Allows no more than 3 household pets
  • Beaumont: Allows 3 dogs and 3 cats per household


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