How Many Dogs and Cats Can You Own in Manitoba, Canada

While there is no provincial law that limits the number of cats and dogs a resident can own in the Canadian province of Manitoba, individual municipalities have their own regulations. This means that the maximum number of pets a Manitoba resident can keep in his or her house is regulated by the municipality in which he or she resides.

However, there is a provincial law in Manitoba that bans residents from keeping more than four female dogs capable of reproduction at any premises. With that in mind, below are the maximum number of pets allowed per household in some municipalities in the province of Manitoba.

A Persian cat and a Labradoodle


In the City of Winnipeg, a maximum of six dogs or cats over the age of six months is allowed per residence. This means you can either have 4 dogs and 2 cats or 3 dogs and 3 cats or any combination of the two animals. However, of the 6 pets allowed per household, no more than four may be dogs. A valid excess animal permit is required to keep more than 6 household pets in the City of Winnipeg.

If you intend to use a female cat for breeding purposes in the City of Winnipeg, you must obtain a valid cat breeding permit, which is subject to certain requirements.

All dogs living in the City of Winnipeg are required by law to be licensed. Below are other dog laws in Winnipeg.

Dog owners must prevent their dogs from disturbing the peace of any individual with unnecessary barking or howling. You are required to immediately remove and disposed of in a sanitary manner any solid waste deposited by your dog on any property other than your property. Dog owners must ensure that their dogs do not damage public or private property. In addition, you must prevent your dog from upsetting garbage cans and other waste receptacles.

The City of Winnipeg prohibits the ownership of certain dog breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier. Additionally, Winnipeg residents are prohibited from owning any dog that possesses the appearance and physical traits that predominantly conform to the standards of the Canadian Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club for any of the banned dog breeds.

Furthermore, Winnipeg dog owners must prevent their furry friends from biting, wounding or pursuing any individual or animal. Dogs are not allowed on school grounds, playgrounds, and sports fields within the City limits of Winnipeg.


The City of Brandon permits a maximum of 2 adult cats and 2 adult dogs per household. Puppies and kittens can stay at your residence until they reach the age of 6 months. All dogs and cats residing in Brandon must be licensed, regardless of whether or not they are kept indoors.

Pet owners must not allow their dogs and/or cats to run at large in the City of Brandon, except in designated off-leash dog parks, which are located in the 2700 block of Park Avenue and in the 1000 block of Victoria Avenue East.

Pet owners must not allow their dog and/or cat to disturb the peace of any neighbor with excessive howling or barking. Furthermore, pet owners in Brandon shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any solid waste deposited by their dog or cat on any public or private property, according to the City’s Solid Waste Disposal By-law.


The maximum number of dogs and cats you can own in the City of Steinbach, Manitoba, depends on your dwelling. People living in one-family or two-family dwellings in Steinbach may own a maximum of 3 dogs and 3 cats. On the other hand, people living in multiple-family dwellings may keep no more than 2 dogs and 2 cats, according to the city's animal control bylaw.

Pet owners in Steinbach must not permit their dog or cat to run at large within the city limits. All dogs and cats must be on a leash not longer than 2.5 meters when on a street or other public place with their owner. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets on any public or private ground within the city. Failure to comply with the leash or solid waste removal law in Steinbach will result in a fine of no less than $100 per offense.

When traveling in a vehicle with your dog or cat, you must secure the pet in a manner that prevents it from jumping, falling, or being thrown out of the vehicle.

Furthermore, Steinbach dog owners are prohibited from allowing their dogs to bark or howl in such a way that unreasonably disturbs the peace or comfort of others.

In Steinbach, Manitoba, the ownership of Pit bulls in addition to any dog that resembles a Pit bull is prohibited within the city limits, according to the city's bylaw No. 1307.


The City of Winkler in Manitoba allows no more than 2 dogs and 2 cats over the age of 4 months per residence. All dogs over the age of 4 months in Winkler must be licensed. You don't need to license your cat in the city of Winkler. Dog owners must not permit their canine to run at large at any time in the City, except at the Winkler Dog Park located at Winkler, Manitoba R0G 1R0, CA.

Winkler pet owners must not allow their dog or cat to become a nuisance, thereby disturbing the peace of others. In addition, dog owners in Winkler are required to prevent their dogs from attacking people or other animals on public or private property, according to the City's bylaw.

The Maximum Number of Pets Allowed Per Household in Other Manitoba Municipalities

  • Portage la Prairie: Allows a maximum of 4 pets per household
  • Taché: Allows no more than 3 dogs per residence. No limit on cats
  • Selkirk: Allows no more than 4 pets, 2 of which may be dogs

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