Scottish Dog Helps Clear Litter While Out on Walks in Local Parks

A Border Collie named Trinny is helping keep her community clean by picking up any rubbish she finds on the ground of her local park and dumping it in the nearest bin.

A Border Collie and her owner at the beach

The five-year-old pup's owner, Alanna Jackson, tells BBC that Trinny only needed a little bit of training and it's now become a game for the brilliant dog in Clydebank, a town in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

Alanna is hoping her clever canine's example will encourage more residents to keep their local area clean and free from litter. She says it all began when she noticed that there is a lot of litter in the parks they regularly walk in. When out on walks with her owner, Trinny naturally likes picking things up and her owner trained her to put them into the bin.

Trinny became known to several local residents after her owner shared a video of her new trick on social media. Alanna posted the video with the intention to highlight how dirty the community was.

With the right training and guidance, Alanna hopes more pet owners can teach their dogs to adopt eco-friendly habits. Furthermore, Alanna says pet owners can get their dogs to clean up their own toy boxes and put their toys away at home.


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