Actor Russell Crowe Says His Dog Died in His Arms After Being Hit By a Truck

Robin Hood actor Russell Crowe announced on social media that his beloved dog Louis died in his arms after it was hit by a truck. The 58-year-old actor mournfully said in a heartbreaking tweet on March 30 that his 16-month-old Louis tragically died on the second anniversary of his father's passing.

Actor Russell Crowe and his dog

Crowe said he tried to get Louis to the vet but the dog, unfortunately, died in his arms while he was telling him how much he loved him. The "Gladiator" star said Louis was tiny, cheeky, brave, and won his heart.

In a March 31 interview with Australian radio "Kyle & Jackie O Show," Crowe opened up about the impact of losing his dog. When asked during the interview, if he was OK after his dog's tragic passing, Crowe said he and his family were a little devastated and it is going to take a little time for them to get over it.

Russell Crowe and his dog Louis

In addition, Crowe talked about how Louis was such a beautiful little pup and how he and his family had shaped their lives around him.

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