Paralyzed Philadelphia Dog Gets Adopted After Being Abandoned on Train Tracks

A paralyzed dog named Lucky has luckily found a forever home after he was found abandoned on train tracks in Philadelphia.

Paralyzed Philadelphia Dog

Lucky the dog was left to die on Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) tracks, where he stayed for two days before being discovered.

According to Philly Rescue Angels, the organization which's helped Lucky, SEPTA trains drove over the dog for 48 hours while he ducked.

The rescue said on social media that someone literally dumped poor Lucky on the train tracks and he has been laying his body down and trains have been going over him for two days.

Lucky can no longer use his hind legs due to a spinal cord injury, for which he underwent surgery and rehabilitation. After Philly Rescue Angels put Lucky up for adoption, many people applied to adopt the dog, who now walks with a wheelchair.

Lucky the dog

In the end, Lucky ended up being adopted by one of the women involved in his rescue. In an Instagram post, Philly Rescue Angels said Lucky was abandoned for a reason but they are glad he is now where he belongs. In addition, the non-profit organization said they planned to help pay for the canine's monthly medical care and prescriptions for as long as he lives.

Lucky the dog

Recently, Philly Rescue Angels shared a video that shows Lucky happily playing with another dog. In the caption of the video, the Rescue thanked everyone who has donated to Lucky and supported his journey.


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