How Many Dogs or Cats Can You Own in British Columbia, Canada

As a pet lover in the Canadian province of British Columbia, you may be struggling or curious to determine how many dogs or cats are allowed per household. According to the BC SPCA, up to six cats and dogs over the age of three months are allowed per household in British Columbia. However, each city in BC regulates the number of pets a resident can keep. So, in this article, we are going to look at pet ownership restrictions in major British Columbia cities.

Two cats and two dogs

Vancouver, BC

The Canadian city of Vancouver allows no more than three dogs per residence. The city does not list the number of cats a resident can keep. All dogs in the city of Vancouver must be licensed and wear a collar at all times. Vancouver pet owners must not allow their dogs to run at large in the city. When out in public, dogs must be on a leash not more than 2.5 m long controlled by a competent person.

Surrey, BC

In the city of Surrey, British Columbia, you are allowed to have three dogs in your house. Surrey does not place a restriction on the number of cats its residents can own. Surrey pet owner must license their dogs and put the license tag on a collar around their neck. Failure to have your dog licensed in Surrey could result in your canine being impounded. Generally, whenever in public areas, all dogs in Surrey must be on a leash and under the control of a responsible person. If your dog is caught running at large anywhere in the city of Surrey, it will be impounded and taken to the Surrey Animal Resource Centre. Furthermore, Surrey permits dogs to run off-leash on private properties that are fenced.

Victoria, BC

According to Victoria Animal Control, the City of Victoria allows no more than six cats or dogs per household. You can either have three cats and three dogs or any combination of both in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All dogs over four months of age in Victoria must be licensed and display a current-year tag on their collar. Furthermore, Victoria dog owners must not leave their canines unattended in any public place.

Pet Ownership Restrictions in Other British Columbia Cities

The city of Burnaby allows three dogs per household. In the city of Richmond, three dogs are allowed per one or two-family dwelling and two dogs are allowed per multiple-family dwelling unit. Both Burnaby and Richmond do not have a by-law that limits the number of cats a resident can own. The city of Abbotsford permits its residents to own three dogs.

Abbotsford residents can own up to five cats. You can own three dogs in the city of Kelowna. The city of Coquitlam allows only three pets per household (either 2 cats and 1 dog or 2 dogs and 1 cat). The city of Langley has a limit of two dogs per residence. If you live in the city of Nanaimo, you can have four dogs and five cats.

Before welcoming an additional dog or cat into your home in British Columbia, I suggest you check your local bylaws to be in the clear.


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