UK Man's Giant Dog is so Big People Mistake It For a Lion or a Pony


A UK man who is the owner of a scary-looking dog is speaking out about caring for the giant canine and how people often mistake the pooch for a predator. Jamal Miah, who lives in London, adopted the Central Asian Shepherd dog back in 2020. The dog now stands at six feet tall on his hind legs and weighs a jaw-dropping 187 pounds.

UK Man and his Giant Dog

In an interview with the New York Post, Miah says while some people get scared and often cross to the other side of the street when they see his dog, others just want to stroke and pet him. Miah says people often question him whether his dog, named Kenzo, is a pony or a lion.

According to the Post, Miah's two young daughters were afraid of the gentle giant when he was initially brought into their home. However, after a few walks, the girls got used to Kenzo, who's now become their natural protector.

Kenzo the Giant Dog and his owner

Kenzo was initially owned by one of Miah’s friends. However, the former owner was forced to give the dog away after he grew too big for them to handle. Miah says caring for the giant dog hasn’t been cheap since he adopted him.

He says he has so far spent over $12,000 on the canine, with a lot of the money being spent on dog food. Miah claims Kenzo consumes five pounds of raw meat a day. To prevent the giant dog from escaping, Miah was forced to install iron gates in his yard, saying Central Asian Shepherds are naturally outdoor dogs.

Kenzo the Giant Central Asian Shepherd dog and his owner

Miah says Kenzo is the best addition his family could have asked for, but also warns that a Central Asian Shepherd is not suitable for a beginner owner.

Kenzo the Central Asian Shepherd dog walking with his owner

According to the AKC, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs can prove difficult to train for obedience and are highly protective of their family and property. As such, they may attack any unfamiliar face that enters their owner's home.


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