Viral Clip Shows Labrador Retriever Refuses To Use The Dog Door, Claiming To Be a Human

A video of a female black Labrador Retriever dog went viral after she is seen trying to use the doorknob instead of the dog door.

Labrador Retriever Refuses To Use The Dog Door

In the short video shared by the dog's owner on TikTok, the Labrador, named Kimi, is seen attempting to enter the house using the door just like a human. However, Kimi is trained to use the new dog door her owner just installed for her.

Nevertheless, Kimi keeps trying to open the main door, as her owner can be heard, saying she is a dog and she doesn't get to use the doorknob. Furthermore, Kimi's owner insists that Kimi has to use the dog door saying that's the reason she got it for her. After the Lab gives up on the doorknob, her owner says she locked the main door so the dog has to come in through the dog door.

The video quickly went viral on TikTok and has so far been viewed more than 1.3 million times. However, it is unclear whether the dog finally used the doggie door.

According to Ads Security, potential home intruders can gain access into your home through the dog door, which is generally small and almost impossible for an adult to squeeze through. In addition, the company says burglars are more likely to peek their heads through doggie doors to get a clear view of the inside. Furthermore, the company advises installing the dog door on your wall, if possible, instead of your door. This is because intruders can unlock the main door from outside by putting their arms through the dog door.

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