Dog Rescues Elderly Owner Shortly After Being Rescued

Shortly after an elderly man rescued a German shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix dog from a shelter, the dog returned the favor and saved his life. A month after adopting the dog from a U.K. animal rescue, Peter Bradley, of Dorset, England, took his new friend named Ruby out on a walk. But due to low blood sugar, Bradley fainted and fell to the ground and into an 8-foot-deep watery ditch.

Ruby the hero dog

Ruby immediately understood what was going on and sprung into action by barking for attention. Fortunately, a good Samaritan heard Ruby barking and quickly showed up to see what was wrong. With help from the good Samaritan, Bradley got out of the ditch but soon fainted at home again with Ruby still by his side. This time, Ruby alerted a friend of her owner, who called paramedics.

Bradley said when he first fainted, he could hear Ruby barking, making sure someone found him. After finding some strength, Bradley tried to climb out but couldn't because the sides of the ditch were wet, according to People.

He said he could have been there for an awfully long time without anyone knowing he was missing if it wasn't for Ruby.

Peter Bradley and his dog Ruby

Bradley said he preferred being treated at home rather than going to the hospital. He said Ruby kept protecting him and let the paramedics assist once she knew they were there to help. And thanks to help from Ruby and the nurses, Bradley is much better now. After an eventful few weeks with Ruby, Bradley said the dog has bonded so well with her and her partner, Debbie Ackers and they feel safe with her by their side.

After the incident, Bradley and his partner Debbie returned with Ruby to the spot where he fainted and fell into the ditch, ITV reported.

Peter Bradley, his partner and his dog


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