Oklahoma Stray Dog Runs Up To Woman and Leads Her To Incredible Surprise

A female stray dog in Oklahoma ran up to a parking lot and begged a woman she saw to follow her. When the woman, Mitzi Brogdon, approached the dog, she was surprised by how friendly she was. Brogdon said the stray pup, later named Dolly, came right up to her and allowed her to pet it. However, it soon became apparent that Dolly needed more than petting, as she was seemingly begging Brogdon to follow her down a path off the road. After Dolly began walking up the path to the cell tower, Brogdon followed her. To her surprise, Brogdon saw many puppies spilling out from behind a fallen log.

Oklahoma Stray Dog who saved 16 puppies

Brogdon started counting as each puppy came prancing out from behind their provisional home. A whopping sixteen puppies came out from under the fallen log, which was a total surprise to Brogdon, an experienced dog rescuer. Brogdon said finding that many puppies at once was still a shock, despite being used to seeing dogs everywhere in Oklahoma.

What was more surprising to Brogdon was that the 16 puppies Dolly had been watching out for weren’t her own. The puppies were determined to be from three different litters. Sweet Dolly had sheltered them and protected them from the elements. While it is clear that the puppies would never have made it without Dolly, it was difficult to tell how long they’d survived on their own.

Dolly the dog and her rescued puppies

While Brogdon was waiting for a rescue partner she called for backup, she was playing with the puppies. The puppies were eventually trapped but then came another problem: Most rescue facilities in the area were already full and Brogdon couldn't house 17 dogs. She took it to Facebook, asking for help and eventually found spots for all of them with four animal rescues in Oklahoma City, according to The Dodo.

rescued puppies

The puppies will be ready for adoption once they are fully vaccinated. As for Dolly the heroic, loving and affectionate dog, Brogdon hopes she will soon find a forever home. People are already showing a lot more interest in the puppies than in Dolly. Brogdon urges adopters to consider Dolly, who she said is a gem and is perfectly adoption ready. After all, Dolly’s the one who saved those puppies.

Dolly the dog and her rescued puppies


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